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ARKIVOC Volume 2017
Part (iii): Commemorative Issue in Honor of Prof. Oleg A. Rakitin on the occasion of his 65th anniversary
Facilitator: Panayiotis A. Koutentis
Scientific Editor: Jacques Royer

Graphical Abstracts
1. A tribute to Professor Oleg Alekseevich Rakitin (OR-1471VT)
Panayiotis Koutentis
Full Text: PDF (205K)
pp. 1 - 8
published Aug 10 2016;
2. Application of four-membered ring chalcogenation reagents to the synthesis of new phosphorus-chalcogen heterocycles (OR-9807VP)
Guoxiong Hua, David B. Cordes, Alexandra M. Z. Slawin and J. Derek Woollins
Full Text: PDF (364K)
pp. 9 - 20
received Jul 20 2016; accepted Aug 16 2016; published Aug 29 2016;
3. An easy synthesis of diversely functionalized 2H-chromenes and amido amines by an enol-Ugi reaction (OR-9775VP)
Ana G. Neo, Teresa G. Castellano and Carlos F. Marcos
Full Text: PDF (235K)
Supplementary Material: PDF (724K)
pp. 21 - 31
received Jul 1 2016; accepted Aug 16 2016; published Sep 5 2016;
4. Oxidation of sulfides using recyclable pseudocyclic benziodoxole triflate (OR-9893VP)
Akira Yoshimura and Viktor V. Zhdankin
Full Text: PDF (281K)
Supplementary Material: PDF (193K)
pp. 32 - 40
received Sep 27 2016; accepted Oct 22 2016; published Dec 4 2016;
5. Cerium(IV) ammonium nitrate for the tandem nitration and oxidative rearrangement of 2-acetyl-1-naphthol benzoylhydrazones into 1,2-diacylnaphthalenes; synthesis of benzo[f]phthalazines (OR-10011VP)
Alexandra Tzinavou, Chrysanthi Dolka, Petros G. Tsoungas, Erik Van der Eycken, Luc Van Meervelt and George Varvounis
Full Text: PDF (531K)
Supplementary Material: PDF (2,094K)
pp. 41 - 54
received Jan 9 2017; accepted Feb 8 2017; published Mar 24 2017;
6. Oxidative conversion of N-substituted 3-aminopyrazoles to azopyrazoles using electrogenerated NaOCl as the mediator (OR-10030VP)
Boris V. Lyalin, Vera L. Sigacheva, Vladimir A. Kokorekin and Vladimir A. Petrosyan
Full Text: PDF (267K)
Supplementary Material: PDF (338K)
pp. 55 - 62
received Jan 23 2017; accepted Feb 25 2017; published Mar 24 2017;
7. Unusual formation of imidazooxazolone in the reaction of 1-(2-acetylamino)ethyl)imidazolone with KSCN in the presence of AcOH (OR-10048VP)
Angelina Nikolaevna Kravchenko, Vladimir V. Baranov, Maria M. Antonova and Valentina A. Karnoukhova
Full Text: PDF (362K)
Supplementary Material: PDF (1,103K)
pp. 63 - 72
received Feb 3 2017; accepted Feb 25 2017; published Mar 24 2017;
8. Synthesis and physicochemical properties of merocyanine dyes based on dihydropyridine and fragments of cyanoacetic acid derivatives (OR-9908VP)
Irina A. Borisova, Andrey A. Zubarev, Lydmila A. Rodinovskaya and Anatoliy M. Shestopalov
Full Text: PDF (979K)
Supplementary Material: PDF (4,300K)
pp. 73 - 86
received Oct 20 2016; accepted Dec 30 2016; published Mar 30 2017;
9. Preparation of pyridine-stretched 2-deoxyhypoxanthosine phosphoramidite (OR-10075VP)
Russell Clayton, Michael L. Davis, Wei Li, William Fraser and Christopher A. Ramsden
Full Text: PDF (400K)
Supplementary Material: PDF (12,565K)
pp. 87 - 104
received Feb 28 2017; accepted Mar 24 2017; published Apr 10 2017;
10. Fast highly efficient 'on-solvent' non catalytic cascade transformation of benzaldehydes and 4-hydroxycumarin into bis(4-hydroxycoumarinyl)arylmethanes (OR-10023VP)
Michail Elinson, Anatoly N. Vereshchagin and Olga O. Sokolova
pp. 121 - 129
received Jan 17 2017; accepted Mar 4 2017; published May 10 2017;
10. Synthesis of novel Y-shaped asymmetrical conjugated 2,4,6-trisubstituted pyrimidines and investigation of their optical and electrochemical properties (OR-9983VP)
Ekaterina A Komissarova, Evgenii A Sosnin, Elena V Shklyaeva, Irina V Osorgina and Georgii G Abashev
Full Text: PDF (822K)
pp. 105 - 120
received Dec 9 2016; accepted Jan 22 2017; published Apr 10 2017;
12. 1,2,5-Thiadiazolo[3,4-b]pyrazine-5,6-dicarbonitrile and derived porphyrazines: synthesis and electrochemical study (OR-10103VP)
Maksim S. Mikhailov, Mahmoud Hamdoush, Mikhail K. Islyaikin, Oskar I. Koifman and Pavel A. Stuzhin
Full Text: PDF (983K)
Supplementary Material: PDF (343K)
pp. 130 - 139
received Mar 19 2017; accepted Apr 28 2017; published May 14 2017;
13. Lewis acid-catalyzed Wolff cyclocondensation in the synthesis of (1H-1,2,3-triazolyl)furoxans (OR-10070VP)
Leonid L. Fershtat, Maxim R. Radzhabov, Anna A. Romanova, Ivan V. Ananyev, and Nina N. Makhova
Full Text: PDF (330K)
pp. 140 - 150
received Feb 22 2017; accepted Mar 13 2017; published May 21 2017;

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