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November 2017
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MS in Hand Oct 1st, 2017: 81. Received 31; Published 15; Rejected 28. In Hand End of Oct 69;
Manuscripts in Hand Jan 1st, 2017: 67; Received 375; Published 111; Rejected 261.

Access hits, October: 702,868 from 102,987 visitors;
2017 to date: 6,183,800 from 1,022,371 visitors.

Graphical Abstracts
of Manuscripts Published in Arkivoc During October 2017
Arkivoc 2017 Part (i): Special Issue 'Reviews and Accounts'
Diazatriphenylenes and their thiophene analogues: synthesis and applications (17-10190LR) [pp. 356-401]
Egor Vladimirovich Verbitskiy, Gennady L. Rusinov and Valery N. Charushin
Full Text: PDF (1,785K)
cine- and tele-Substitution reactions: review of work from 2002-2016 (17-10215LR) [pp. 402-435]
Jerzy Wiktor Suwiński
Full Text: PDF (513K)
Arkivoc 2017 Part (iii): A Commemorative Issue in Honor of Prof. Oleg A. Rakitin
Synthesis of novel heterocyclic fused pyrimidin-4-one derivatives from imino-1,2,3-dithiazoles (OR-10256VP) [pp. 335-345]
Maria de Fatima Pereira, Elena Sarghe, Hervé Rouillard, Lisianne Domon, Jean-René Chérouvrier and Valérie Thiéry
Full Text: PDF (313K)
Design and theoretical study of D–A–pi–A' organic sensitizers with [1,2,5]oxa-, thia- or selenadiazoloazine fragment (OR-10228VP) [pp. 346-364]
V. Potemkin, O. Bolshakov, A. Safiullin, A. Potemkin and M. Grishina
Full Text: PDF (842K)
Arkivoc 2017 Part (v): General Papers
Synthesis of some novel oxazolopyranoquinolinones from 3-amino-4‐hydroxypyrano[3,2-c]quinolindione (17-10196VP) [pp. 172-186]
Hany M. Hassanin, Ibrahim M. Abdou and Abdeltawab M. Saeed
Full Text: PDF (325K)
A facile synthesis of racemic aggregation pheromones of palm pests, Rhinoceros beetle and Rhynchophorus weevil (17-10271UP) [pp. 187-195]
Thanh-Danh Nguyen, Chi-Hien Dang, Cong-Hao Nguyen and Van-Dung Le
Full Text: PDF (1,380K)
Synthesis, photo- and ionochromic properties of indolyl(thienyl)maleimides with phenanthroline receptor (17-10262SP) [pp. 196-203]
Evgenii N. Shepelenko, Оganes G. Karamov, Vitaly A. Podshibyakin, Yurii V. Revinskii, Karina S. Tikhomirova, Alexander D. Dubonosov, Vladimir A. Bren and Vladimir I. Minkin
Full Text: PDF (1,052K)
Synthesis and antibacterial activity of furo[3,2-b]pyrrole derivatives (17-10240DP) [pp. 204-215]
Ivana Zemanová, Renata Gašparová, Andrej Boháč, Tibor Maliar, Filip Kraic and Gabriela Addová
Full Text: PDF (1,086K)
Supplementary Material: PDF (3,889K)
Vapor phase phototransposition chemistry of dimethylpyrazines and dimethylpyrimidines (17-10267SP) [pp. 216-228]
James W. Pavlik, Tharinee Vongakorn and Naod Kebede
Full Text: PDF (1,252K)
Arkivoc 2018 Part (ii): A Commemorative Issue in Honor of Kenneth K. Laali
The intermolecular hydro-oxycarbonylation of internal alkynes: current state of the art (KL-10188OR) [pp. 17-39]
Victorio Cadierno, Pedro José González-Liste, Javier Francos and Sergio Emilio García-Garrido
Full Text: PDF (1,071K)
Preparation, structure, and oxidative reactivity of (dichloroiodo)pyridines: recyclable hypervalent iodine reagents (KL-10279OP) [pp. 40-49]
Akira Yoshimura, Khiem C. Nguyen, Victor N. Nemykin and Viktor V. Zhdankin
Full Text: PDF (275K)
Supplementary Material: PDF (266K)
Ring-closure reaction of 2-benzoylbenzenediazonium salts in 1-butyl-3-methylimidazolium ionic liquids (KL-10195OP) [pp. 50-59]
Takao Okazaki, Hiroyuki Yamamoto and Toshikazu Kitagawa
Full Text: PDF (194K)
Supplementary Material: PDF (50K)
Promotional effect of ionic liquids in electrophilic fluorination of phenols (KL-10164OP) [pp. 60-71]
Gennady I. Borodkin, Innokenty R. Elanov and Vyacheslav G. Shubin
Full Text: PDF (280K)
Metal-free synthesis of α,α-difluorocyclopentanone derivatives via regioselective difluorocyclopropanation/VCP rearrangement of silyl dienol ethers (KL-10290OP) [pp. 72-80]
Ryo Takayama, Kohei Fuchibe and Junji Ichikawa
Full Text: PDF (244K)
Supplementary Material: PDF (3,168K)
Brønsted acid-catalyzed metal-free one-pot synthesis of benzimidazoles via [4+1] heteroannulation of ortho-phenylenediamines with β-oxodithioesters (KL-10069OP) [pp. 81-89]
Abhijeet Srivastava, Gaurav Shukla, Dhananjay Yadav and Maya Shankar Singh
Full Text: PDF (252K)
Supplementary Material: PDF (608K)
Individual Issues of Arkivoc
No issues were completed during October 2017.
The following issues were closed during October 2017:

2017 Part (i): Special Issue 'Reviews and Accounts'
2017 Part (iii): Commemorative Issue in Honor of Prof. Oleg A. Rakitin on the occasion of his 65th anniversary
(Facilitator: Panayiotis A. Koutentis; Scientific Editor: Jacques Royer)

The following new issues were initiated during October 2017:

2018 Part (i): Special Issue 'Reviews and Accounts'
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Future Conferences

FloHet-2018 The 18th Florida Heterocyclic & Synthetic Conference March 4 – 7, 2018

FloHet 2018 will be held at the University of Florida in Gainesville, USA, March 4 – 7, 2018. The conference will include a series of plenary, invited, and contributed lectures on synthetic and heterocyclic chemistry, a short course, plus a poster session, and a small exposition. Registration fees of $300 Student/Postdoctoral, $600 Academic, and $1200 Industrial will include a Welcome Party (March 4), coffee breaks on March 5, 6, and 7, a buffet dinner on Monday, wine reception on Tuesday, and a Farewell Party on Wednesday. Complimentary wine will be served at all evening functions.
Special Academic Package - $1200 one faculty member plus 3 students or postdoctorals.

Plenary lectures will be given by:

Robert Grubbs, The 2018 Katritzky Lecturer, California Institute of Technology, US
Bernhard Breit, University of Freiburg, Germany
Vy Dong, University of California at Irvine, US
Martin Eastgate, Bristol-Myers Squibb, US
Antonio Echavarren, ICIQ – Institut Català d’Investigació Química, Spain
Karl Anker Jørgensen, Aarhus University, Denmark
Dawei Ma, Shanghai institute of Organic Chemistry, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
Ryan Shenvi, The Scripps Research Institute, US
Masakatsu Shibasaki, The University of Tokyo, Japan
Matthew Sigman, University of Utah, US
Tony Zhang, Eli Lilly and Company

The Short Course will be given by: Nicholas A. Meanwell, Bristol-Myers Squibb, A Synopsis of the Properties and Applications of Heteroaromatic Rings in Medicinal Chemistry.

We welcome and encourage abstract submission for posters and contributed lectures on our Registration site: https://flohet.chem.ufl.edu

New Members
of the Arkivoc Editorial Board of Referees
Prof. Berhanu M. Abegaz
Dr. Christos P. Constantinides
United States
Prof. Adrian Dobbs
United Kingdom
Dr. Muriel Durandetti
Prof. Xavier Franck
Dr. William Fraser
United Kingdom
Prof. Isabelle Gillaizeau
Prof. Karl Hemming
United Kingdom
Dr. Christoforos G. Kokotos
Prof. Ralph Salvatore
United States
Prof. Yuriy G Shermolovich
Prof. Steven Stanforth
United Kingdom

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