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May 31, 2015
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ARKIVOC is an international journal of organic chemistry completely free electronically world wide.
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Arkat USA, Inc. is a non profit foundation existing to help chemists throughout the world with special emphasis on international cooperation and developing countries.
Arkivoc manuscript activity / Traffic at arkat-usa.org

MS in Hand May 1st, 2015: 62. Received 33; Published 3; Rejected 33. In Hand End of May 59;
Manuscripts in Hand Jan 1st, 2015: 86; Received 172; Published 56; Rejected 143.

Access hits, May: 633,197 from 124,833 visitors;
2015 to date: 3,179,819 from 646,981 visitors.

Graphical Abstracts
of Manuscripts Published in Arkivoc During May 2015
Arkivoc 2015 Part (v): General Papers
Efficient synthesis of 1-alkyl -2, 3, 4, 5-tetramethoxy-6-methylbenzene: key intermediate for preparing coenzyme Q analogues (15-9001ZP) [pp. 242-247]
Lei Fan, Jin Wang and Teng-huo-sheng Liao
Full Text: PDF (110K)
Supplementary Material: PDF (224K)
Facile iron(III) chloride hexahydrate catalyzed synthesis of coumarins (15-8947UP) [pp. 248-258]
Saisuree Prateeptongkum, Nongnaphat Duangdee and Panumart Thongyoo
Full Text: PDF (110K)
Supplementary Material: PDF (689K)
Arkivoc 2015 Part (vi): Special Issue 'Reviews and Accounts'
Reactivity and diverse synthetic applications of acyl isothiocyanates (15-9052LR) [pp. 206-245]
Kibrom G. Bedane and Girija S. Singh
Full Text: PDF (475K)
Individual Issues of Arkivoc
No issues were completed during May 2015.
No issues were closed during May 2015.
No new issues were initiated during May 2015.
The 17th Annual Florida Heterocyclic and Synthetic Conference

The 17th Annual Florida Heterocyclic and Synthetic Conference will be held at the University of Florida in Gainesville, February 28 to March 2. FloHet-2016. Eleven plenary lectures, a short course, 50 invited lectures, 50 poster presentations, and an exposition are planned.

Plenary Lectures
Steven Ley, Cambridge University, UK Katritzky Memorial Lecture
Martin Burke, University of Illinois, USA
Naoto Chatani, Osaka University, Japan
Abigail Doyle, Princeton University, USA
Sabine Flitsch, University of Manchester, UK
Peer Kirsch, Merck KGaA, Germany
Nicholas Meanwell, Bristol-Myers Squibb, USA
John Porco, Boston University, USA
Kai Rossen, Sanofi, Germany
Richmond Sarpong, UC Berkeley, USA
Tony Zhang, Eli Lilly, USA

Short Course
Gordon Gribble, Dartmouth College, USA
A Cook’s Tour of Lithium, Palladium, Magnesium, Gold, and Copper in Heterocyclic Chemistry

Highly cited papers published in Arkivoc since 2012

Lashgari, N.; Ziarani, G. M. Synthesis of heterocyclic compounds based on isatin through 1, 3-dipolar cycloaddition reactions. Arkivoc 2012, (i), 277-320.

Sandhu, S.; Sandhu, J. S. Past, present and future of the Biginelli reaction: a critical perspective. Arkivoc 2012, (i), 66-133.

Abdel-Wahab, B. F.; Khidre, R. E.; Farahat, A. A.; El-Ahl, A. S. 2-Chloroquinoline-3-carbaldehydes: synthesis, reactions and applications. Arkivoc 2012, (i), 211-276.

Pal, R.; Sarkar, T.; Khasnobis, S. Amberlyst-15 in organic synthesis. Arkivoc 2012, (i), 570-609.

Karami, B.; Eskandari, K.; Khodabakhshi, S. One-pot, three component approach to synthesis of multipart fused heterocyclic compounds: Synthesis of fused pyran-2-ones. Arkivoc 2012, (ix), 76-84.

Ansari, A. A.; Lahiri, R.; Vankar, Y. D. The carbon-Ferrier rearrangement: an approach towards the synthesis of C-glycosides. Arkivoc 2013, (ii), 316-362.

Popova, E. A.; Trifonov, R. E.; Ostrovskii, V. A. Advances in the synthesis of tetrazoles coordinated to metal ions. Arkivoc 2012, (i), 45-65.

Cai, X.; Xie, B. Recent advances on organocatalysed asymmetric Mannich reactions. Arkivoc 2013, (i), 264-293.

Ciscato, L. F. M. L.; Augusto, F. A.; Weiss, D.; Bartoloni, F. H.; Albrecht, S.; Brandl, H.; Zimmermann, T.; Baader, W. J. The chemiluminescent peroxyoxalate system: state of the art almost 50 years from its discovery. Arkivoc 2012, (iii), 391-430.

Schmidt, A.; Wiechmann, S.; Freese, T. Recent advances in neutral and anionic N-heterocyclic carbene - betaine interconversions. Synthesis, characterization, and applications. Arkivoc 2013, (i), 424-469.

Tucker, A. M.; Grundt, P. The chemistry of tryptanthrin and its derivatives. Arkivoc 2012, (i), 546-569.

Based on Web of Science data, May 8, 2015


CODESSA III is a state-of-the art QSAR/QSPR program that works directly with Semichem’s AMPAC to generate predictive models from quantum chemical, electrostatic and topological descriptors. Every aspect of this product has been modernized and improved. Please visit www.semichem.com/codessa for details.

Forthcoming Conferences

Bioheterocycles 2015
XVI International Conference on Heterocycles in Bioorganic Chemistry
Metz, France - June 7-11, 2015

The XVI Conference of this series will gather chemists from over the world, involved in the chemistry of heterocycles. The heterocycles in this case will generally be submitted to biological tests, both in medicine as in agriculture. The scientific program will include plenary and invited lectures by top chemists in the field and will be completed by oral communications and poster presentations.

The conference is intended for synthetic chemists interested in heterocycles and biological activities

25th ISHC Congress, August 23-28, 2015
UCSB, Santa Barbara, California, USA

Major Topics:
Synthesis of Heterocyclic Natural Products
Synthesis and Synthetic Utility of Heterocycles
Bioactive and Functional Heterocycles
ISHC President, Dan Comins; Congress Chair, Tom Pettus

International Congress on Heterocyclic Chemistry “KOST-2015” dedicated to 100 years anniversary of professor Alexei Kost will take place at Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow (Russian Federation), October 18-23, 2015

New Members
of the Arkivoc Editorial Board of Referees
Dr. Rahul Bhattacharya
United States
Dr. ShivaKumar Kyasa
United States
Dr. Kaushik Panigrahi
United States

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