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October 31, 2014
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ARKIVOC is an international journal of organic chemistry completely free electronically world wide.
No downloading fees to readers and no page or other charges to authors.

Arkat USA, Inc. is a non profit foundation existing to help chemists throughout the world with special emphasis on international cooperation and developing countries.
Arkivoc manuscript activity / Traffic at arkat-usa.org

MS in Hand Oct 1st, 2014: 64. Received 53; Published 7; Rejected 29. In Hand End of Oct 81;
Manuscripts in Hand Jan 1st, 2014: 80; Received 419; Published 95; Rejected 323.

Access hits, October: 656,677 from 110,472 visitors;
2014 to date: 5,790,387 from 1,100,163 visitors.

Graphical Abstracts
of Manuscripts Published in Arkivoc During October 2014
Arkivoc 2014 Part (v): General Papers
Reactions of aldehdydes with organozinc reagents derived from (E)-3-bromo- and (E)-3-iodo-1-phenylsulfonylprop-1-ene (14-8741SP) [pp. 420-429]
Eva M. Gallagher and D. H. Grayson
Full Text: PDF (94K)
Arkivoc 2014 Part (vi): General Papers
New spirocyclic nitroxides of 2,5-dihydroimidazole series flanked by two mesogenic fragments (14-8808YP) [pp. 10-24]
Elena Vasil`evna Zaytseva, Andrey V. Shernyukov, Alexander M. Genaev, Rui Tamura, Igor A. Grigor`ev and Dmitrii G. Mazhukin
Full Text: PDF (437K)
Eco-friendly syntheses of 2,2-disubstituted- and 2-spiroquinazolinones (14-8717YP) [pp. 25-37]
Ferenc Miklós, Veronika Hum and Ferenc Fülöp
Full Text: PDF (133K)
Ozonolysis of some 8-alkoxyquinolines, and synthesis of a precursor to the non-sedating antihistamine Claritin (14-8843UP) [pp. 38-53]
Mathias C. Eichler and David H. Grayson
Full Text: PDF (162K)
Synthesis of substituted-3-iodo-1H-pyrazole derivatives and their further modification under Sonogashira cross coupling reaction conditions (14-8842DP) [pp. 54-71]
Rita Mazeikaite, Jurgis Sudzius, Gintaras Urbelis and Linas Labanauskas
Full Text: PDF (185K)
A novel porphyrazine ligand tailored to homogeneous metal catalyzed transformations (14-8813VP) [pp. 72-85]
Matteo Parravicini, Luca Vaghi, Giancarlo Cravotto, Norberto Masciocchi, Angelo Maspero, Giovanni Palmisano and Andrea Penoni
Full Text: PDF (195K)
2-Oxo-2-polyfluoroalkylethane-1-sulfones and -sulfamides in the three-component reactions leading to pyrimidine derivatives (14-8582GP) [pp. 86-107]
Vadim M. Timoshenko, Yuriy M. Markitanov, Yuriy O. Salimov and Yuriy G. Shermolovich
Full Text: PDF (276K)
Individual Issues of Arkivoc
The following issues were completed during October 2014:

2014 Part (v): General Papers
(Issue completed with 30 papers and 429 pages)

No issues were closed during October 2014.
No new issues were initiated during October 2014.
The 16th Annual Florida Heterocyclic and Synthetic Conference

Eleven plenary lectures, one short course, 52 invited lectures, 50 posters, and a small exposition are planned. A feature of FloHet-2015 will be a series of plenary, invited lectures and a short course on fluorination and flow technology with new examples from the fine chemicals industry. For further information, to submit poster abstracts, and to register: http://www.arkat-usa.org/conferences-flohet-others/

Plenary lectures
Albert Padwa, Emory University, US Katritzky Memorial Lecture
Katritzky Memorial Lecture
Huw Davies, Emory University, US
Veronique Gouverneur, Oxford University, UK
Fluorine Chemistry: from Basic to Clinic
Timothy Jamison, MIT, US
Continuous Flow Multistep Synthesis
Peter Maienfisch, Syngenta, Switzerland
Christel Menet, Galapagos, Belgium
Tobias Ritter, Harvard University, US
Late-Stage Fluorination for PET Imaging
Paul Scola, BMS, US
Discovery of Asunaprevir (BMS-650032): An Approved NS3 Protease Inhibitor for the Treatment of HCV
Jay Siegel, Tianjin University, PRC
Aromatic Heterocyclic Compounds and Their Metal Complexes
Oliver Thiel, Amgen, US
Chemical Adventures with Small and Large Molecules
Yoshinori Yamamoto, Tohoku University, Japan
p-Conjugated Polycycles and Heterocycles through C-H and X-H Activation across Alkynes

Short Course
Graham Sandford, U. of Durham, UK
Selective Direct Fluorination Strategies: Batch and Flow

The use of organofluorine chemistry, fluorine gas in synthesis (including early failures), techniques for laboratory and manufacturing synthesis (batch and flow) and the current state of the art will be covered.

Invited Lecturers
Manfred Braun - Selective potassium channel openers with benzothiadiazine-, benzothiazole-, and isothiochromanone-skeletons
Craig FrancisSynthesis and Reactivity of the New Pyrazolo[1,5 b]thiatriazine Ring System
Phil HarrisDiscovery of the Anti-Cancer Drug Votrient
Vakhid A. MamedovRing Transformation Reactions of Quinoxalinones with “Outside” Group Participation
Victor Pike - Diaryliodonium Salts as Useful Precursors to Radiofluorinated Arenes and PET Radiotracers
Floris RutjesOrganocatalytic Approaches to Biologically Relevant Heterocycles
Benjamin Sherry - Development of an Efficient Synthetic Route for HIV NNRTI Doravirine
Stephane Vincent - Synthesis of Fluorinated exo-Glycals and Furans Designed to Inhibit Bacterial Enzymes
Craig M. Williams - Natural Products from the Australian Rainforest
Chris WillisChallenges in Natural Product Synthesis

Acceptances also have been received from: D. Ager (US); S. Arseniyadis (France); S. Ballet (Belgium); U. Beifuss (Germany); U. Bernier (US); C. Chung (US); J. Del Valle (US); L. Dias (Brazil); A. Dobbs (UK); T. Driver (US); L. El Kaim (France); P. Gois (Brazil); M. Gonzalez (US); U. Groselj (Slovenia); M. Huestis (US); Z. Janeba (Czech. Rep.); K. Laali, (US), M. Lakshman (US); J. Manchester (US); S. Mangelinckx (Belgium), A. E. Minatti (US); J. C. Monbaliu (Belgium); T.J.J. Mueller (Germany); F. Nagatsuji (Japan); A. Natarajan (Saudi Arabia); T. Opatz (Germany); T. Ozturk (Turkey); X. Pannecoucke (France); N. Peet (US); Z. Pei (US): G. Poda (Canada); R. Rieke (US); J. Ryan (Australia); K. Singh (India); K. Tehrani (Belgium); M. Tobisu; K. Toshiyuki (Japan); Y. Troin (France); E. van der Eycken (Belgium); J. van der Eycken (Belgium); M. Watson (US); G. Williams (Australia); L. Yet (US).


In collaboration with the Katritzky group at the University of Florida, CODESSA III is a state-of-the art QSAR/QSPR program that works directly with Semichem’s AMPAC to generate predictive models from quantum chemical, electrostatic and topological descriptors. If you are a past user of CODESSA, this completely rewritten product will blow you away! Every aspect of this product has been modernized and improved. Please visit www.semichem.com/codessa for details.

Availability of Printed ARKIVOC

The printed edition of ARKIVOC (88 volumes) is available for the years 2000 - 2007 through www.Amazon.com. We do not plan to continue offering a printed edition of ARKIVOC, except by special arrangement. Please contact Eric Scriven efvs1@aol.com if you are interested in a printed edition.

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