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July 2017
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MS in Hand Jun 1st, 2017: 63. Received 46; Published 13; Rejected 28. In Hand End of Jun 68;
Manuscripts in Hand Jan 1st, 2017: 66; Received 240; Published 70; Rejected 168.

Access hits, June: 542,636 from 93,220 visitors;
2017 to date: 3,673,040 from 628,686 visitors.

Graphical Abstracts
of Manuscripts Published in Arkivoc During June 2017
Arkivoc 2017 Part (iii): A Commemorative Issue in Honor of Prof. Oleg A. Rakitin
Synthesis and antimitotic properties of ortho-substituted polymethoxydiarylazolopyrimidines (OR-10031VP) [pp. 151-165]
Natalia B. Chernyshova, Dmitry V. Tsyganov, Victor N. Khrustalev, Mikhail M. Raihstat, Leonid D. Konyushkin, Roman V. Semenov, Marina N Semenova and Victor V. Semenov
Full Text: PDF (371K)
Supplementary Material: PDF (209K)
Electrochemical reduction, radical anions, and dehalogenation of fluorinated/chlorinated 2,1,3-benzothia/selenadiazoles (OR-10116VP) [pp. 166-180]
Leonid A. Shundrin, Irina G. Irtegova, Pavel A. Avrorov, Tatiana F. Mikhailovskaya, Arkady G. Makarov, Alexander Yu. Makarov and Andrey V. Zibarev
Full Text: PDF (1,213K)
Supplementary Material: PDF (503K)
Dearomatization of 3,5-dinitropyridines – an atom-efficient approach to fused 3-nitropyrrolidines (OR-10185VP) [pp. 181-190]
Maxim A. Bastrakov, Anna Yu. Kucherova, Alexey K. Fedorenko, Alexey M. Starosotnikov, Ivan V. Fedyanin, Igor L. Dalinger and Svyatoslav A. Shevelev
Full Text: PDF (395K)
Supplementary Material: PDF (12,856K)
Arkivoc 2017 Part (iv): General Papers
"On water" synthesis of aurones: first synthesis of 4,5,3',4',5'-pentamethoxy-6-hydroxyaurone from Smilax riparia (17-9918NP) [pp. 303-314]
Somepalli Venkateswarlu, Gandrotu Narasimha Murty and Meka Satyanarayana
Full Text: PDF (788K)
Supplementary Material: PDF (2,771K)
Microwave-assisted synthesis of new imide- and formamide-derivatives of 2(3H)-benzoxazolinones and 2(3H)-benzothiazolinones (17-9926ZP) [pp. 315-329]
Khemissi Seddiki, Wassila Yahia, Messaoud Liacha, Andrea Defant, Denise Sighel and Ines Mancini
Full Text: PDF (399K)
Supplementary Material: PDF (2,558K)
Synthesis and properties of push-pull imidazole derivatives with application as photoredox catalysts (17-10071SP) [pp. 330-342]
Zuzana Hloušková and Filip Bureš
Full Text: PDF (944K)
Supplementary Material: PDF (641K)
Appel reagent as novel promoter for the synthesis of polysubstituted imidazoles (17-10039DP) [pp. 343-352]
Mehdi Khoshneviszadeh and Mohammad Mahdavi
Full Text: PDF (595K)
Synthesis and antiviral activity of 4-(7,7-dimethyl-4-[4-{N-aroyl/benzyl}1-piperazinyl]-5,6,7,8-tetrahydroquinazolin-2-yl)morpholine derivatives (17-10037GP) [pp. 353-364]
Balaraman Selvakumar, S.P. Vaidyanathan, Madhuri Subbiah and Kuppanagounder P. Elango
Full Text: PDF (380K)
Highly efficient carbene and polycarbene catalysis of the transesterification reaction (17-10034UP) [pp. 356-376]
Konstantin A. Marichev, Nikolai I. Korotkikh, Alan H. Cowley, Vagiz Sh. Saberov, Nataliya V. Glinyanaya, Gennady F. Rayenko and Oles P. Shvaika
Full Text: PDF (1,235K)
Supplementary Material: PDF (1,203K)
Arkivoc 2017 Part (v): General Papers
A new synthesis of pleraplysillin-1, a sponge metabolite, using Wittig olefination (17-10007MP) [pp. 1-9]
Gandhi Kumar Kar, Moumita Rakshit and Manas Chakrabarty
Full Text: PDF (197K)
Supplementary Material: PDF (2,116K)
An efficient stereoselective synthesis of a sulfur-bridged analogue of bosseopentaenoic acid as a potential antioxidant agent (17-10086BP) [pp. 10-19]
Yasser Mohamed and Eirik Johansson Solum
Full Text: PDF (200K)
Ultrasound-assisted, ZnBr2-catalyzed regio- and stereoselective synthesis of novel 3,3′-dispiropyrrolidine bisoxindole derivatives via 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reaction of an azomethine ylide (17-10046DP) [pp. 20-31]
Mostafa Kiamehr, Mohammad R. Khodabakhshi, Firouz M. Moghaddam, Alexander Villinger and Peter Langer
Full Text: PDF (1,216K)
Supplementary Material: PDF (2,503K)
Chiral N-aryl sulfinamide-olefin ligands for rhodium-catalyzed asymmetric 1,4-addition reaction (17-9977YP) [pp. 32-42]
Shuai Yuan, Qingle Zeng, Jiajun Wang and Lihong Zhou
Full Text: PDF (199K)
Supplementary Material: PDF (8,464K)
Individual Issues of Arkivoc
The following issues were completed during June 2017:

2017 Part (iv): General Papers
(Issue completed with 30 papers and 385 pages)

No issues were closed during June 2017.
The following new issues were initiated during June 2017:

2017 Part (v): General Papers
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