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December 31, 2015
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MS in Hand Dec 1st, 2015: 72. Received 41; Published 17; Rejected 30. In Hand End of Dec 66;
Manuscripts in Hand Jan 1st, 2015: 89; Received 415; Published 131; Rejected 307.

Access hits, December: 736,869 from 104,017 visitors;
2015 to date: 7,804,116 from 1,379,292 visitors.

Graphical Abstracts
of Manuscripts Published in Arkivoc During December 2015
Arkivoc 2015 Part (vi): Special Issue 'Reviews and Accounts'
The benzo[b]quinolizinium ion as a water-soluble platform for the fluorimetric detection of biologically relevant analytes (15-9339LU) [pp. 494-523]
Heiko Ihmels, Anton Granzhan and Maoqun Tian
Full Text: PDF (754K)
Isoindoloindolones - biological activities and syntheses (15-9316LU) [pp. 524-539]
Hari K. Kadam and Santosh G. Tilve
Full Text: PDF (280K)
Arkivoc 2015 Part (vii): General Papers
Efficient and green synthesis of purine arabinosides via CuO catalyzed dehydrazination in tap water (15-9283GP) [pp. 284-292]
Ran Xia and Li-Ping Sun
Full Text: PDF (127K)
One-pot synthesis of new derivatives of 3,4-dihydropyrimidinone, and substituted imidazolin-2-ones (15-9324NP) [pp. 293-304]
N. V. Chechina, V. V. Zubar, I. V. Omelchenko and N. N. Kolos
Full Text: PDF (236K)
Et2NH/H2O catalyzed tandem aldol condensation - Diels-Alder cycloaddition sequence for the one-pot synthesis of (2R,3S)-rel-3-aryl-1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8-octahydro-6,6-dimethyl-8-oxo-2-naphthalenecarboxylates (15-9344ZP) [pp. 305-315]
M. Saeed Abaee, Fatemeh Mobayen, Mohammad M. Mojtahedi, Farveh Saberi and Hamid Reza Khavasi
Full Text: PDF (182K)
Supplementary Material: PDF (3,653K)
(Anthracen-9-yl)methyl sulfides as a mechanistic probe for chemical as well as photochemical electron-transfer reactions (15-9341UP) [pp. 316-329]
Reshma Gopalakrishnan, Jomon P. Jacob, Sa ada Farhana T. Moideen, Ligi M. Lalu, Perupparampil A. Unnikrishnan and Sreedharan Prathapan
Full Text: PDF (250K)
Supplementary Material: PDF (536K)
Hydroalkoxylation of alkynes by a nitroxyl containing alcohol, 4-hydroxy-2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidin-1-oxyl: synthesis of spin-labeled enol ethers (15-9379QP) [pp. 330-346]
Ludmila A. Oparina, Alexander V. Artem’ev, Oksana V. Vysotskaya, Irina V. Sterkhova, Spartak S. Khutsishvili, Vladimir I. Smirnov and Boris A. Trofimov
Full Text: PDF (344K)
Aerobic aromatization of 1,3,5-triarylpyrazolines in open air and without catalyst (15-9458IP) [pp. 347-353]
Ronnie N. Jenkins, George M. Hinnant, Andrew C. Bean and Chad Everett Stephens
Full Text: PDF (44K)
A mild and convenient oxidative transformation of aldehydes to methyl esters using iodosobenzene in combination with KBr (15-9267UP) [pp. 354-361]
Loveena Arora, Richa Prakash, Om Prakash and Nitya Sharma
Full Text: PDF (72K)
Beckmann rearrangement for the synthesis of derivatives of β- and γ-carbolinones, dihydropyrrolopyridinone and tetrahydroisoquinolinone (15-9291IP) [pp. 362-376]
Prajakta N. Naik, Nabil A.H. Alkobati and Radhika S. Kusurkar
Full Text: PDF (289K)
One-pot regioselective synthesis of new 5-(arylsulfonylamino)imidazo[2,1-b]thiazoles (15-9380SP) [pp. 377-391]
Valery Y. Serykh, Gulnur N. Chernysheva, Evgeniy V. Kondrashov, Aleksandr V. Vashchenko, Vladimir I. Smirnov, and Igor B. Rozentsveig
Full Text: PDF (316K)
Arkivoc 2016 Part (i): Special Issue 'Reviews and Accounts'
Synthesis of spiro-fused heterocyclic scaffolds through multicomponent reactions involving isatin (16-9385LR) [pp. 1-81]
Ghodsi Mohammadi Ziarani, Razieh Moradi and Negar Lashgari
Full Text: PDF (1,282K)
Arkivoc 2016 Part (ii): A Commemorative Issue in Honor of Jhillu Singh Yadav
Selective acylation and sulfonylation of 4,6-O-benzylidene-1-deoxy-1-(2-oxo-2-phenylethyl)-β-D-glucopyranose (JY-9345IP) [pp. 233-249]
Xiaomin Gu and Zhijie Fang
Full Text: PDF (363K)
Arkivoc 2016 Part (iii): General Papers
A practical Cu(I)-catalyzed domino approach to 1,2-disubstituted indoles and its application for the assembly of indolophenanthridines (16-9387OP) [pp. 1-14]
Jilong Gao, Bingqing Xu, Jiaqi Zhu, Yingying Shao, Lubin Chen, Jiaoyan Zhu, Xiaxia Wang and Xin Lv
Full Text: PDF (216K)
Supplementary Material: PDF (2,112K)
Reactions of 2,4-diphenyl-butadiene-1,4-sultone with some 1,2- and 1,3-nitrogen bi-nucleophiles (16-9359UP) [pp. 15-22]
Korany A. Ali, Anne Jäger and Peter Metz
Full Text: PDF (167K)
Preparation of divinyl esters by transvinylation between vinyl acetate and dicarboxylic acids (16-9410VP) [pp. 23-35]
Imane Barbara, Marc Birot, Alexander Bismarck and Hervé Deleuze
Full Text: PDF (129K)
Preparation of symmetrical C2-C2-linked bis- and tris-6-bromoindoles by Sonogashira couplings and 5-endo-dig cyclization induced by nBu4NF (16-9319OP) [pp. 36-47]
Raúl Balderrama-Martínez-Sotomayor, Mariana Flores-Jarillo and Alejandro Alvarez-Hernandez
Full Text: PDF (123K)
Supplementary Material: PDF (1,661K)
Individual Issues of Arkivoc
The following issues were completed during December 2015:

2015 Part (ii): Commemorative Issue in Honor of Prof. Jürgen Martens on the occasion of his outstanding contribution to organic synthetic chemistry
(Facilitator: Harald Gröger; Scientific Editor: Thomas Kurz)
(Issue completed with 10 papers and 131 pages)

2015 Part (iii): Commemorative Issue in Honor of Prof. Michael Orfanopoulos on the occasion of his outstanding contribution to organic synthetic chemistry
(Facilitator: Manolis Stratakis; Scientific Editor: Panayiotis A. Koutentis)
(Issue completed with 18 papers and 262 pages)

2015 Part (iv): Special Issue 'In recognition of the scientific achievements of Prof. Manfred Schlosser '
(Issue completed with 13 papers and 175 pages)

2015 Part (vi): Special Issue 'Reviews and Accounts'
(Issue completed with 12 papers and 539 pages)

2015 Part (vii): General Papers
(Issue completed with 30 papers and 391 pages)

The following issues were closed during December 2015:

2015 Part (vii): General Papers
2016 Part (ii): Commemorative Issue in Honor of Jhillu Singh Yadav on the occasion of his outstanding contribution to organic synthetic chemistry
(Facilitator: Srivari Chandrasekhar; Scientific Editor: Ramaiah Muthyala)

The following new issues were initiated during December 2015:

2016 Part (iii): General Papers
The 17th Annual Florida Heterocyclic and Synthetic Conference

The 17th Annual Florida Heterocyclic and Synthetic Conference will be held at the University of Florida in Gainesville, February 28 to March 2. FloHet-2016. Eleven plenary lectures, a short course, 50 invited lectures, 50 poster presentations, and an exposition are planned.

Plenary Lectures
Steven Ley, Cambridge University, UK Katritzky Memorial Lecture
"Machine-Assisted Organic Synthesis"
Martin Burke, University of Illinois, USA
"Making Molecular Prosthetics with a Small Molecule Synthesizer"
Naoto Chatani, Osaka University, Japan
"Nickel-Catalyzed Functionalization of C-H Bonds Utilizing a New Chelation System"
Abigail Doyle, Princeton University, USA
"New Directions in Nickel-Catalyzed Cross Coupling"
Sabine Flitsch, University of Manchester, UK
"Enzyme Cascades for the Stereoselective Synthesis of Heterocycles"
Peer Kirsch, Merck KGaA, Germany
"Heterocycles in Nematic Liquid Crystals and Dichroic Dyes"
Nicholas Meanwell, Bristol-Myers Squibb, USA
"The Discovery and Development of Direct Acting Inhibitors of Hepatitis C Virus"
David Mitchell, Eli Lilly, USA
"Designing and applying practical process synthesis methodologies for aminopyrazoles"
John Porco, Boston University, USA
"Chemical Synthesis and Biological Studies of Antitumor Natural Products"
Richmond Sarpong, UC Berkeley, USA
"Strategies and Tactics for the Synthesis of Complex Alkaloids"
David Williams, Indiana University, USA
"Strategies Toward the Synthesis of Polycyclic Alkaloids"

Short Course
Gordon Gribble, Dartmouth College, USA
A Cook’s Tour of Lithium, Palladium, Magnesium, Gold, and Copper in Heterocyclic Chemistry

This excursion endeavors to highlight the most important metals in the synthesis and reactions in heterocyclic chemistry: lithium, palladium, magnesium, gold, and copper. Coverage will stress applications of these metals to the synthesis of heterocycles and other molecules of importance. As appropriate, detailed reaction pathways and mechanisms will be presented.

Invited Lecturers
R. A. Aitken (UK) - "Some Unexpected New Chemistry Involving Sulfur Heterocycles"
M. Alvarez (Spain) - "Thiopeptide Antibiotics. Total Synthesis of Baringolin"
A. Aly (Egypt) - TBA
Z. Benko (US) - "Aminopyrimidines: The Discovery and Synthesis of a Novel Agent for Septoria tritici Control in Cereals"
P. Blakemore (US) - "Stereospecific Connective Synthesis of Alkenes by Eliminative Cross-coupling of Enantioenriched Carbenoids"
S. Bromen (Denmark) - " Acetylenic Tetrathiafulvalene Macrocycles"
A. Brown (US) - "NMR Studies of Nitrogen and Sulfur Heterocycles"
R. Bunce (US) - TBA
A. Burtoloso (Brazil) - "α,β-Unsaturated Diazoketones as Useful Platforms in the Synthesis of Heterocycles"
C. Busacca (US) TBA
J. Cook (US) - "Enantiospecific, Stereospecific Total Synthesis of a Series of C-19 Methyl Substituted Sarpagine/Macroline Indole Alkaloids via an Efficient Method of Copper-Mediated Enolate Driven Cross-Coupling Process"
M. Cook (US) - TBA
F. Couty (France) - TBA
T. Driver (US) - "Metal-Catalyzed Cascade Reactions of Aryl Azides to Access N-Heterocycles"
A. Flick (US) - TBA
I. Gillaizeau (France) – TBA
C. Gonzalez-Bello (Spain) "From Design to Synthesis of Essential Enzyme Inhibitors - Opportunities in Antibiotic Discovery"
E. Gonzalez-Zamora (Mexico) - "Rapid Access to Polyheterocyclic Compounds by Combined Use of Multicomponent Reaction and Secondary Functionalization"
A. Grenning (US) - TBA
F. Hansen (Germany) - "α-Aminoxy Oligopeptides: Synthesis, Secondary Structure and Cytotoxicity of a Novel Class of Anticancer Foldamers"
M. Hilinski (US) - "New Applications of Strained Heterocycles in Synthesis"
A. Hyde (US) - TBA
H. Ihmels (Germany) – "Reversible in-situ Generation of DNA-Binding Cationic Hetarenes"
Suresh Kumar (Saudi Arabia) - "Dipolar Cycloaddition-Based Multicomponent Reactions: A Green, Stereoselective Synthesis of Novel Polycyclic Cage Systems with the Generation of Two New Azaheterocyclic Rings"
E. Licandro (Italy) - "A Quick Excursion through the Eclectic World of Thiahelicenes"
F. Luzzio (US) - TBA
G. Masson (France) - "Straightforward Strategies to Access N-Containing Heterocycles"
T. Opatz (Germany) - "α-Functionalization of Amines - Heterocycles and Beyond"
J. Pabba (India) - "Heterocyclic Anthranilic Diamides as Ryanodine receptor Modulating Insecticides"
A. Pace (Italy) - "FluorHet@FloHet: A Journey through the Synthesis and Application of Fluorinated Heterocycles"
J. Pierce (US) - TBA
V. Pike (US) - "Hypervalent Iodine Compounds as Useful Precursors to Radiofluorinated Arenes and PET Radiotracers"
B. Plietker (Germany) - "Fe- or Fe-NO-catalysis? From Allylic Substitution to Cycloisomerizations"
O. Reiser (Germany) - "Turning on the Lights: Synthesis of Heterocycles Using Photoredoxcatalysis as Key Step!"
B. Rogovoy (US) - TBA
A. Saito (Japan) - TBA
D. Sarlah (US) - TBA
C. Schindler (US) - TBA
A. Schmidt (Germany) - "N-Heterocyclic Carbenes from Sydnones"
T. Snaddon (US) - "Chemical Synthesis Methods via Cooperative Catalysis"
S. Stanforth (UK) - "A Versatile Synthesis of Pyridines and Applications of Fluorescent Heterocycles as Diagnostic Reagents"
K. Tamm (Estonia) - "Computational Chemistry: Science or Daily Routine?"
N. Tsarevsky (US) - "Applications of Hypervalent Iodine(III) Compounds in the Synthesis of Functional and Dynamic Polymers"
J. van Maarseveen (Netherlands) - "Methodology Development Towards the Lasso Peptide Series"
A. Verma (India) - TBA
D. Watson (US) - "Recent Advances in the Synthesis of Heterocycles Using Heteroatomic Heck Reactions"
J. Weaver (US) - "Cross-coupling Made Easy via Electron Addition; Controlled Access to Aryl Radicals and Other Reactive Intermediates"
C. Winter (Germany) - "From Design to Synthesis of Essential Enzyme Inhibitors - Opportunities in Antibiotic Discovery"
Guang-Fu Yang (China) - "Discovery of Cytochrome bc1 Complex Inhibitors from Natural Products"

Poster Session
The poster session will be combined with a complimentary wine bar and buffet on the evening of Monday, February 29th and will continue with a wine reception on the evening of March 1st. It is expected that some fifty posters will be presented.

Forthcoming Conferences
Early announcement:
The 26th International Society of Heterocyclic Chemistry Congress will be held in Regensburg, Germany, 3 to 8 September 2017.


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