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ARKIVOC Volume 2010
Part (v): Commemorative Issue in Honor of Prof. Antonio Rocha-Gonsalves on the occasion of his 70th anniversary
Facilitator: Teresa M. V. D. Pinho e Melo
Scientific Editor: John Arthur Joule

Graphical Abstracts
1. A Tribute to Prof. António M. d’A. Rocha Gonsalves (RG-1442UT)
Full Text: PDF (80K)
pp. 1 - 4
published May 25 2009;
2. Syntheses of protoporphyrin-IX derivatives bearing extended propionate side-chains (RG-4032UP)
Robert T. Holmes, Jianming Lu, Celinah Mwakwari and Kevin M. Smith
Full Text: PDF (246K)
pp. 5 - 16
received Apr 30 2009; accepted May 20 2009; published May 29 2009;
3. Thermal rearrangement of an N-hydroxy-imidazole thiocarbamoyl derivative as a simple entry into the 4-thio-imidazole motif (RG-3891UP)
Luís F. V. Pinto, Gonçalo C. Justino, Abel J. S. C. Vieira, Sundaresan Prabhakar and Ana M. Lobo
Full Text: PDF (155K)
pp. 17 - 23
received Feb 27 2009; accepted Apr 12 2009; published May 29 2009;
4. 1,3-Dipolar cycloaddition of nitrile imines to meso-tetraarylporphyrins (RG-4058UP)
Nuno M. M. Moura, F. Giuntini, Maria A. F. Faustino, Maria G. P. M. S. Neves, Augusto C. Tomé, Artur M. S. Silva, E. M. Rakib, A. Hannioui, S. Abouricha, Beate Röder and José A. S. Cavaleiro
Full Text: PDF (1,089K)
pp. 24 - 33
received May 8 2009; accepted Jun 8 2009; published Jun 22 2009;
5. Interaction of arginine-based cationic surfactants with membranes. An experimental and molecular simulation study (RG-4043UP)
João A. S. Almeida, Maria C. Morán, Maria R. Infante and Alberto A. C. C. Pais
Full Text: PDF (434K)
pp. 34 - 50
received May 5 2009; accepted Jun 17 2009; published Jun 24 2009;
6. The influence of the support on the singlet oxygen quantum yields of porphyrin supported photosensitizers (RG-4034UP)
Marta Pineiro, Sónia M. Ribeiro and Arménio C. Serra
Full Text: PDF (229K)
pp. 51 - 63
received Apr 30 2009; accepted Jun 16 2009; published Jun 24 2009;
7. Enantioselective trimethylsilylcyanation of benzaldehyde using pyrrolidine-based chiral salen ligands (RG-4022UP)
M. Elisa Silva Serra, D. Murtinho and Albertino Goth
Full Text: PDF (175K)
pp. 64 - 69
received Apr 29 2009; accepted Jul 2 2009; published Jul 10 2009;
8. Microwave-assisted reactions of allenic esters: [3+2] annulations and allenoate-Claisen rearrangement (RG-4087UP)
Susana M. M. Lopes, Bruna S. Santos, Francisco Palacios and Teresa M. V. D. Pinho e Melo
Full Text: PDF (158K)
pp. 70 - 81
received May 22 2009; accepted Jun 30 2009; published Jul 10 2009;
9. Guanidine: studies on the reaction with ethyl N-(2-amino-1,2-dicyanovinyl)formimidate (RG-4035UP)
Luísa R. de Assunção, Elina R. Marinho and Fernanda P. Proença
Full Text: PDF (189K)
pp. 82 - 91
received Apr 30 2009; accepted Jun 20 2009; published Jul 10 2009;
10. The role of transiton-state bond-order on structure-reactivity relationships: the case of pericyclic and pseudo-pericyclic reactions (RG-4044UP)
Paulo E. Abreu, Alberto C. C. Pais and Sebastião J. Formosinho
Full Text: PDF (383K)
pp. 92 - 104
received May 5 2009; accepted Jul 2 2009; published Jul 19 2009;
11. Tetra-crowned porphyrin as P450 biomimetic model for carbamazepine oxidation (RG-4082UP)
Juvenal C.S. Filho, Tatiana C.O. Mac Leod, Maria Carolina A.F. Gotardo and Marilda das Dores Assis
Full Text: PDF (144K)
pp. 105 - 116
received May 19 2009; accepted Jul 10 2009; published Jul 26 2009;
12. Molecular modeling of the interaction of novel hydroxy- and aminobisphosphonates with hydroxyapatite (RG-4071UP)
Luís F. Duarte, Fátima C. Teixeira and Rui Fausto
Full Text: PDF (379K)
pp. 117 - 127
received May 15 2009; accepted Jul 8 2009; published Jul 26 2009;
13. LC-MS-MS method development separation and identification of Alprazolam and degradation products (RG-4021UP)
Alexandra Rocha Gonsalves, Marta Pineiro, José Manuel Martins, Pedro A. Barata and José C. Menezes
Full Text: PDF (301K)
pp. 128 - 141
received Apr 29 2009; accepted Jul 28 2009; published Aug 23 2009;
14. Bond energy/bond order relationships for N-O linkages and a quantitative measure of ionicity: the role of nitro groups in hydrogen-bonding (RG-4173UP)
Robert A.W. Johnstone, Rui M.S. Loureiro, M. Lurdes S. Cristiano and Gaël Labat
Full Text: PDF (419K)
pp. 142 - 169
received Jun 20 2009; accepted Aug 11 2009; published Sep 19 2009;
15. Cycloaddition reactions of nitrosoalkenes, azoalkenes and nitrile oxides mediated by hydrotalcite (RG-4786UP)
Americo Lemos and João Paulo Lourenço
Full Text: PDF (305K)
pp. 170 - 182
received Nov 27 2009; accepted Jan 4 2010; published Jan 31 2010;

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