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Honoree Occasion Country Volume/Issue
Prof. Berhanu M Abegaz 60th anniversary Botswana 2007/ix
Prof. Rudolph A. Abramovitch 70th anniversary United States 2001/vi
Prof. Waldemar Adam 70th anniversary Germany 2007/viii
Prof. Nouria A. Al-Awadi 55th anniversary Kuwait 2008/x
Prof. Benito Alcaide 60th anniversary Spain 2010/iii
Prof. Julio Alvarez-Builla 65th anniversary Spain 2011/iii
Prof. Nitya Anand 80th anniversary India 2005/ii
Prof. Dr. Ernst Anders 65th anniversary Germany 2007/iii
Prof. Sandor Antus 60th anniversary Hungary 2004/vii
Prof. Anthony J. Arduengo, III 60th anniversary United States 2012/ii
Prof. Atta-ur-Rahman 65th anniversary Pakistan 2007/vii
Prof. William F. Bailey 65th anniversary United States 2011/v
Prof. Alexandru T. Balaban 75th anniversary United States 2005/x
Prof. Giuseppe Bartoli 65th anniversary Italy 2006/vi
Richard A. Bartsch 70th anniversary United States 2010/vii
Prof. Rainer Beckert 60th anniversary Germany 2012/iii
Prof. Irina P. Beletskaya 75th anniversary Russia 2008/iv
Prof. Gabor Bernath 70th anniversary Hungary 2003/v
Prof. Siegfried Blechert 65th anniversary Germany 2011/iv
Prof. Joan Bosch 60th anniversary Spain 2007/iv
Prof. James Bull Retirement from the University of Cape Town, South Africa South Africa 2002/ix
Prof. Donald Cameron Retirement from the University of Melbourne Australia 2001/vii
Prof. Asima Chatterjee 85th anniversary India 2003/ix
Prof. Asima Chatterjee 85th anniversary India 2003/xi
Prof. Oleg N. Chupakhin 70th anniversary Russia 2004/xi
Prof. Rosa Maria Claramunt 65th anniversary Spain 2014/ii
Prof. Rosalinda Contreras 60th anniversary Mexico 2008/v
Prof. James Cook 65th anniversary United States 2010/iv
Prof. Jim Coxon 65th anniversary New Zealand 2006/iii
Prof. Franklin A. Davis 70th anniversary United States 2010/vi
Prof. Sukh Dev 80th anniversary India 2003/iii
Prof. Usein M. Dzhemilev 65th anniversary Russia 2011/viii
Prof. Jose Elguero 70th anniversary Spain 2005/ix
Prof. Jan Epsztajn 75th anniversary Poland 2007/vi
Prof. Lubor Fišera 60th anniversary Slovakia 2005/v
Prof. Keiichiro Fukumoto 70th anniversary Germany 2003/viii
Prof. Ferenc Fülöp 60th anniversary Hungary 2012/v
Prof. Otto R. Gottlieb 85th anniversary Brazil 2004/vi
Prof. T. Govindachari 85th anniversary India 2001/viii
Prof. Alfred Hassner 70th Anniversary Israel 2001/iv
Prof. Heinz Heimgartner 70th anniversary Switzerland 2011/vi
Prof. Georges Hoornaert 65th anniversary Belgium 2003/iv
Prof. Zhi-Tang Huang 75th anniversary United States 2003/ii
Prof. Gurnos Jones 70th anniversary United Kingdom 2000/iii
Madeleine M. Joullie 80th anniversary United States 2007/xii
Prof. Eusebio Juaristi 55th anniversary Mexico 2005/vi
Prof. Pawel Kafarski 63rd anniversary Poland 2012/iv
Prof. Gerasimos Karabatsos 70th anniversary Greece 2002/xiii
Prof. Satinde V. Kessar 70th anniversary India 2002/vii
Prof. Alexander Konovalov 70th anniversary Russia 2004/xii
Prof. Alain Krief 65th anniversary Belgium 2007/x
Prof. Karsten Krohn 60th anniversary Germany 2004/xiii
Prof. Oleg Kulinkovich 60th anniversary Belarus 2008/ix
Kenneth K. Laali 65th anniversary United States 2018/ii
Prof. Armand Lattes 50th year teaching and research France 2006/iv
Prof. Rosa Lederkremer 70th anniversary Argentina 2005/xii
Dr. Douglas Lloyd 80th anniversary United States 2002/iii
Prof. Harri Lönnberg 60th anniversary Finland 2009/iii
Prof. Jacek Młochowski 80th anniversary Poland 2017/ii
Prof. Mieczyslaw Makosza 70th anniversary Poland 2004/iii
Prof. Jürgen Martens Outstanding contributions to organic synthetic chemistry Germany 2015/ii
Dr. Bruce E. Maryanoff Outstanding contributions to organic chemistry as an industrial chemist United States 2010/viii
Dr. Cynthia A Maryanoff Outstanding contributions to organic chemistry as an industrial chemist United States 2010/viii
Prof. Tony McKervey 65th anniversary United Kingdom 2003/vii
Prof. Enrique Melendez 70th anniversary Puerto Rico 2004/iv
Prof. O. Meth-Cohn Retirement from the University of Sunderland United Kingdom 2000/v
Prof. Vladimir I. Minkin 70th anniversary Russia 2005/vii
Prof. Pedro Molina 60th anniversary Spain 2005/ix
Prof. Marcial Moreno-Manas 60th anniversary Spain 2002/v
Prof. Joseph M. Muchowski 65th anniversary Canada 2002/xii
Prof. P. T. Narasimhan 75th anniversary India 2004/viii
Prof. Torbjorn Norin 75th anniversary Sweden 2008/vi
Prof. Michael Orfanopoulos Outstanding contributions to organic synthetic chemistry Greece 2015/iii
Prof. Albert Padwa 65th anniversary United States 2002/viii
Prof. Kalevi Pihlaja 60th anniversary Finland 2001/iii
Prof. Alexander Pozharskii 70th anniversary Russia 2009/iv
Prof. Guy Queguiner 70th anniversary France 2008/vii
Prof. Oleg A. Rakitin 65th anniversary Russia 2017/iii
Dr. A. V. Rama Rao 70th anniversary India 2005/iii
Prof. Charles Rees 75th anniversary United Kingdom 2002/vi
Prof. Antonio Rocha-Gonsalves 70th anniversary Portugal 2010/v
Prof. Roberto A. Rossi 60th anniversary Argentina 2003/x
Prof. Edmundo A. Ruveda 70th anniversary Argentina 2003/x
Prof. Fritz Sauter 70th anniversary Austria 2001/ii
Prof. Richard R. Schmidt 78th anniversary Germany 2013/ii
Prof. Henry J. Shine 80th anniversary United States 2003/xii
Prof. Keith Smith 65th anniversary United Kingdom 2012/vii
Prof. Arlette Solladie-Cavallo 70th anniversary France 2008/viii
Prof. Ted Sorensen 75th anniversary Canada 2009/v
Prof. Domenico Spinelli 70th anniversary Italy 2002/xi
Prof. Branko Stanovnik 65th anniversary Slovenia 2003/xiv
Prof. Dionis Sunko 80th anniversary Croatia 2002/iv
Prof. Sambasiva Swaminathan 80th anniversary India 2005/xi
Prof. Csaba Szantay 80th anniversary Hungary 2008/iii
Prof. Oswald S. Tee 60th anniversary Canada 2001/xii
Prof. B. S. Thyagarajan Retirement from the University of Texas at San Antonio India 2001/xi
Prof. Lutz F. Tietze 65th anniversary Germany 2007/v
Prof. Miha Tisler 75th anniversary Slovenia 2001/v
Prof. Vincenzo Tortorella Receiving Fuori Ruolo status Italy 2004/v
Prof. Boris A. Trofimov 65th anniversary Russia 2003/xiii
Prof. Kjell Undheim 70th anniversary Norway 2001/x
Prof. Anastasios Varvoglis 65th anniversary Greece 2003/vi
Prof. Nicolò Vivona 70th anniversary Italy 2009/viii
Prof. Pierre Vogel 70th anniversary Switzerland 2014/iii
Dr. Michael Voronkov 80th anniversary United States 2001/ix
Jhillu Singh Yadav Outstanding contributions to organic synthetic chemistry India 2016/ii
Prof. Chengye Yuan 80th anniversary China 2004/ix
Prof. Nikolai Zefirov 70th anniversary Russia 2005/iv
Prof. Binne Zwanenburg 70th anniversary Netherlands 2004/ii

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