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ARKIVOC Volume 2017
Authors Index

Abashev , Georgii Synthesis of novel Y-shaped asymmetrical conjugated 2,4,6-trisubstituted pyrimidines and investigation of their optical and electrochemical properties. (iii) 105-120. OR-9983VP: PDF
Aisa, Haji Recent advances in ipso-nitration reactions. (i) 41-66. 17-9852LR: PDF
Błachut, Dariusz Adam Efficient synthesis of differently substituted triarylpyridines with the Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling reaction. (ii) 369-389. MJ-9772UP: PDF
BANERJEE, BUBUN Sc(OTf)3 catalyzed carbon-carbon and carbon-heteroatom bond forming reactions: a review. (i) 1-25. 17-9868LR: PDF
Borisova, Irina A. Synthesis and physicochemical properties of merocyanine dyes based on dihydropyridine and fragments of cyanoacetic acid derivatives. (iii) 73-86. OR-9908VP: PDF
Capperucci, Antonella Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of double chained and sulfurated derivatives of L-ascorbic acid. (ii) 407-420. MJ-9781UP: PDF
Epifano, Francesco Ultrasounds promoted synthesis of 4(3H)-quinazolines under Yb(OTf)3 catalysis. (ii) 68-75. MJ-9710UP: PDF
Fernįndez Marcos, Carlos An easy synthesis of diversely functionalized 2H-chromenes and amido amines by an enol-Ugi reaction. (iii) 21-31. OR-9775VP: PDF
Fodor, Lajos Synthesis and in vitro antiproliferative effect of isomeric analogs of cyclobrassinin phytoalexin possessing 1,3-thiazino[5,6-b]indole-4-one skeleton. (iv) 1-11. 17-9962ZP: PDF
Gancarz, Roman Associative vs. dissociative mechanism of P-C bond breaking in α-aminophosphonates leading to phosphoric acid [P(V)] derivatives.. (ii) 285-302. MJ-9779UP: PDF
Gawroński, Jacek A circular dichroism – DFT method for conformational study of flexible molecules: the case of 1- and 2-naphthyl diesters. (ii) 492-506. MJ-9817UP: PDF
Gryko, Daniel T The Niementowski reaction of anthranilic acid with ethyl acetoacetate revisited: a new access to pyrano[3,2-c]quinoline-2,5-dione. (ii) 7-11. MJ-9584UP: PDF
Gryko, Dorota Photoorganocatalytic α-oxyamination of aldehydes. (ii) 251-259. MJ-9769UP: PDF
Iwaoka, Michio Improved synthetic routes to the selenocysteine derivatives useful for Boc-based peptide synthesis with benzylic protection on the selenium atom . (ii) 260-271. MJ-9803UP: PDF
Janecki, Tomasz Synthesis of substituted methylidenepyrimidobenzothiazolones as potential cytotoxic agents. (ii) 118-137. MJ-9707UP: PDF
Jarosz, Slawomir Synthesis of macrocyclic derivatives with di-sucrose scaffold. (ii) 76-86. MJ-9719UP: PDF
Jurczak, Janusz The influence of salt additives on the macrocyclic product distributions in double-amidation reactions. (ii) 534-545. MJ-9824UP: PDF
Kafarski, Pawel Diethyl boronobenzylphosphonates as substrates in Petasis reaction. (ii) 107-117. MJ-9740UP: PDF
Kaszynski, Piotr Molecular engineering of liquid crystalline derivatives of 6-oxoverdazyl. (ii) 345-368. MJ-9800UP: PDF
KORONIAK-SZEJN, Katarzyna M. Fluorinated organic azides – their preparation and synthetic application. (ii) 421-432. MJ-9771UP: PDF
Koutentis, Panayiotis A. A tribute to Professor Oleg Alekseevich Rakitin. (iii) 1-8. OR-1471VT: PDF
Kravchenko, Angelina Nikolaevna Unusual formation of imidazooxazolone in the reaction of 1-(2-acetylamino)ethyl)imidazolone with KSCN in the presence of AcOH. (iii) 63-72. OR-10048VP: PDF
Kudelko, Agnieszka Study on DDQ-promoted synthesis of 2,5-disubstituted 1,3,4-oxadiazoles from acid hydrazides and aldehydes. (ii) 87-106. MJ-9668UP: PDF
Lenardćo, Eder Joćo Rongalite®/PEG-400 as reducing system in the synthesis of new glycerol-derived selenol esters using anhydrides and bis-(2,2-dimethyl-1,3-dioxolanylmethyl)diselenide as substrates. (ii) 138-148. MJ-9746UP: PDF
Luzzio, Frederick Anthony Selective fluorination of natural products. (i) 117-147. 17-9917LR: PDF
Milata, Viktor Study of reactions of pentafluorophenylhydrazine with activated enolethers. Synthesis of N-pentafluorophenylpyrazoles. (ii) 446-456. MJ-9659UP: PDF
Mlostoń, Grzegorz Application of diethyl ethynephosphonate for the synthesis of 3-phosphonylated β-lactams via Kinugasa reaction . (ii) 59-67. MJ-9660UP: PDF
Mohammadi Ziarani, Ghodsi Recent applications of isatin in the synthesis of organic compounds. (i) 148-201. 17-9980LR: PDF
Mucha, Artur P-C bond formation in reactions of Morita-Baylis-Hillman adducts with phosphorus nucleophiles. (ii) 324-344. MJ-9787UR: PDF
Muchalski, Hubert Site-specific synthesis and application of deuterium-labeled sterols. (ii) 507-533. MJ-9755UR: PDF
Olszewski, Tomasz K Application of tris(trimethylsilyl) phosphite as convenient phosphorus nucleophile in the direct synthesis of tetrasubstituted α-aminophosphonic acids from ketimines. (ii) 173-179. MJ-9773UP: PDF
Petrosyan, Vladimir Anushavanovich Oxidative conversion of N-substituted 3-aminopyrazoles to azopyrazoles using electrogenerated NaOCl as the mediator. (iii) 55-62. OR-10030VP: PDF
Pieczonka, Adam Marek Synthesis of chiral 1-(2-aminoalkyl)aziridines via the self-opening reaction of aziridine . (ii) 223-234. MJ-9741UP: PDF
Pietka-Ottlik, Magdalena Katarzyna Synthesis of new alkylated and methoxylated analogues of ebselen with antiviral and antimicrobial properties. (ii) 546-556. MJ-9797UP: PDF
Ramsden, Christopher A. Preparation of pyridine-stretched 2’-deoxyhypoxanthosine phosphoramidite. (iii) 87-104. OR-10075VP: PDF
Rocha, Joćo Batista Biological and chemical interest in selenium: a brief historical account. (ii) 457-491. MJ-9784UR: PDF
Saito, Akio Metal-free syntheses of oxazoles and their analogues based on λ3-iodane-mediated cycloisomerization/functionalization reactions or [2+2+1] cycloaddition type reactions. (i) 84-98. 17-9965LU: PDF
Santi, Claudio Kinetic resolution of 2-methoxycarbonylalk-3-enols through a stereoselective cyclofunctionalization promoted by an enantiomerically pure electrophilic selenium reagent. (ii) 303-312. MJ-9826UP: PDF
Schiesser, Carl H Heteroorganic molecules and bacterial biofilms: Controlling biodeterioration of cultural heritage. (ii) 180-222. MJ-9765UR: PDF
Scianowski, Jacek Reactivity of dipinanyl diselenides functionalized at C-10-position with -CH2O(Se)Ph, -OH and -OCPh3 substituents. (ii) 272-284. MJ-9756UP: PDF
Soloducho, Jadwiga Maria Conjugated arylenes: their convenient synthesis, luminescence characteristics, and applications . (ii) 390-406. MJ-9736UR: PDF
Sparatore, Anna Synthesis of new dithiolethione and methanethiosulfonate systems endowed with pharmaceutical interest. (ii) 235-250. MJ-9805UP: PDF
Strub, Daniel Jan Synthesis, lipase catalyzed kinetic resolution, and determination of the absolute configuration of enantiomers of the Morita-Baylis-Hillman adduct 3-hydroxy-2-methylenebutanenitrile. (ii) 313-323. MJ-9749UP: PDF
Varvounis, George Cerium(IV) ammonium nitrate for the tandem nitration and oxidative rearrangement of 2-acetyl-1-naphthol benzoylhydrazones into 1,2-diacylnaphthalenes; synthesis of benzo[f]phthalazines . (iii) 41-54. OR-10011VP: PDF
Walczak, Krzysztof Zdzislaw Synthesis of 5-hetaryluracil derivatives via 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reaction. (ii) 149-161. MJ-9754UP: PDF
wang, jing Aldehyde Mediated N-nitrosation of an Amino Acid. (iv) 12-19. 17-9869BP: PDF
Whiting, Andrew Broadening the synthetic organic applications of Frustrated Lewis Pairs. (i) 26-40. 17-9870LR: PDF
Wilk, Kazimiera Anna Synthesis of new zinc (II) phthalocyanine conjugates with block copolymers for cancer therapy . (ii) 433-445. MJ-9764UP: PDF
Wojaczyńska, Elżbieta A tribute to Prof. Jacek Młochowski. (ii) 1-6. MJ-1469UT: PDF
Wojaczyńska, Elżbieta Chiral pyrrolidine thioethers and 2-azanorbornane derivatives bearing additional nitrogen functions. Enantiopure ligands for palladium-catalyzed Tsuji-Trost reaction. (ii) 162-172. MJ-9792UP: PDF
Wójtowicz-Młochowska, Halina Synthetic utility of metal catalyzed hydrogen peroxide oxidation of C-H, C-C and C=C bonds in alkanes, arenes and alkenes: Recent advances. (ii) 12-58. MJ-9578UR: PDF
Woollins, John Derek Application of four-membered ring chalcogenation reagents to the synthesis of new phosphorus-chalcogen heterocycles. (iii) 9-20. OR-9807VP: PDF
Wzorek, Alicja Self-disproportionation of enantiomers (SDE) of chiral sulfur-containing compounds via achiral chromatography. (ii) 557-578. MJ-9829UR: PDF
zhang, cai Application of fluoroform in trifluoromethylation and difluoromethylation reactions. (i) 67-83. 17-9884LR: PDF
Zhdankin, Viktor V. Oxidative cyclizations of oximes using hypervalent iodine reagents. (i) 99-116. 17-10013UU: PDF
Zhdankin, Viktor V. Oxidation of sulfides using recyclable pseudocyclic benziodoxole triflate. (iii) 32-40. OR-9893VP: PDF

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