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ARKIVOC Volume 2004
Part (xi): Commemorative Issue in Honor of Prof. Oleg N. Chupakhin on the occasion of his 70th anniversary
Facilitator: Valerii N. Charushin
Scientific Editor: Anthony Waring

Graphical Abstracts
1. A Tribute to Prof. Oleg N. Chupakhin (OC-497HT)
Valery N. Charushin, Victor I. Saloutin and Henk C. van der Plas
Full Text: PDF (241K)
pp. 1 - 8
accepted Jun 5 2004; published Jul 8 2004;
2. Synthesis and structure of 5-acylhydrazine-3,3,5-trimethylisoxazolidines (OC-1122HP)
Andrei Yu. Ershov, Anatoly V. Dobrodumov and Alexander V. Gribanov
Full Text: PDF (244K)
pp. 9 - 15
received Apr 13 2004; accepted May 21 2004; published Jul 8 2004;
3. Photochromic spiro[indoline-pyridobenzopyrans]: fluorescent metal ion sensors (OC-1107HP)
Nikolai A. Voloshin, Anatoly V. Chernyshev, Anatoly V. Metelitsa, Serguei O. Besugliy, Elena N. Voloshina, Lidiya P. Sadimenko and Vladimir I. Minkin
Full Text: PDF (267K)
pp. 16 - 24
received Mar 26 2004; accepted Jun 11 2004; published Jul 18 2004;
4. The reaction of the N,N-dichloroamide of 5-chloro-2-thienylsulfonic acid with trichloroethylene as a convenient synthetic route to a series of trichloroethylamides of 5-chloro-2-thienylsulfonic acid (OC-1163HP)
Julia A. Aizina, Igor B. Rozentsveig, Irina V. Ushakova, Galina G. Levkovskaya and Anna N. Mirskova
Full Text: PDF (105K)
pp. 25 - 30
received Jun 24 2004; accepted Aug 12 2004; published Aug 22 2004;
5. The Dimroth rearrangement of 1,2,3-triazoles in the synthesis of anion receptors based on calix[4]arenes (OC-1181HP)
Yury Yu. Morzerin, Tatiana A. Pospelova, Tatiana V. Gluhareva and Anatoly I. Matern
Full Text: PDF (105K)
pp. 31 - 35
received Jul 20 2004; accepted Aug 18 2004; published Aug 27 2004;
6. Macrocycle opening in crown ethers. Synthesis of thiazapodands from 4'-formylbenzothiacrown ethers (OC-1177HP)
Svetlana N. Dmitrieva, Marina V. Churakova, Artem I. Vedernikov, Sergey P. Gromov
Full Text: PDF (155K)
pp. 36 - 42
received Jul 15 2004; accepted Oct 1 2004; published Oct 8 2004;
7. Theoretical study of solvent influence on the regiospecificity of the reaction of 3-phenyl-s-tetrazine with ketene-N,N-aminal (OC-1188HP)
Alexey A. Sinyaev, Maria A. Grishina and Vladimir A. Potemkin
Full Text: PDF (315K)
pp. 43 - 52
received Jul 31 2004; accepted Oct 6 2004; published Oct 21 2004;
8. New method for the synthesis of 2-thiophenecarboxylic acids in the presence of V-, Fe-, or Mo-containing catalysts (OC-1176HP)
Ravil I. Khusnutdinov, Nina A. Shchadneva, Alfia R. Bayguzina, Yulia Yu. Mayakova, Anton A. Smirnov, Rita Yu. Burangulova and Usein M. Dzhemilev
Full Text: PDF (164K)
pp. 53 - 60
received Jul 12 2004; accepted Nov 23 2004; published Dec 3 2004;
9. Flash vacuum thermolysis of 1,2,3-thiadiazoles (OC-1243HP)
Alan R. Katritzky, Elizabeth L. Moyano, Gloria Yranzo and Sandeep K. Singh
Full Text: PDF (134K)
pp. 61 - 70
received Oct 14 2004; accepted Jan 14 2005; published Jan 21 2005;
10. Synthesis of 2,6-bis-polyfluoroalkyl-4H-pyran-4-ones (OC-1263HP)
Danil S. Yachevskii, Dmitry L. Chizhov, Kazimir I. Pashkevich and Valery N. Charushin
Full Text: PDF (106K)
pp. 71 - 76
received Nov 2 2004; accepted Jan 14 2005; published Jan 22 2005;

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