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ARKAT's primary goal is to publish Arkivoc, a free global online journal of organic chemistry, with a view to promoting the dissemination of the most recent discoveries and research results in this field. Arkivoc ("Archive for Organic Chemistry") is available online without access, downloading or page fees. The Control Board of Arkivoc chaired by Christopher Ramsden includes a select group of Scientific Editors operating in three continents who decides publishing policy and maintain high standards. An Editorial Board of Referees consisting of over 600 Senior Chemists worldwide assist the Control Board by peer-reviewing manuscripts.

ARKAT provides accessibility free of charge for philanthropic reasons to address certain inequalities in the scientific marketplace. The escalating subscription costs of established scientific journals makes it increasingly difficult for researchers to access primary chemical literature. This problem of inaffordability affects even relatively well endowed universities in North America and Europe but is particularly acute in Eastern Europe and developing countries. The contraction of library budgets at universities has led to the disappearance (often by amalgamation) of many second and some first rank journals. The remaining first rank journals are constrained by cost and space limitations to accept and publish only the most original and high calibre research results. Consequently, a great deal of sound research work is probably wasted (or even duplicated) because it can only be published, if at all, in a journal of very limited distribution. This is a tragedy since discoveries which could potentially benefit mankind do not come to light. ARKAT aims to help break down the above barriers and redress the inequities.

Through free access to Arkivoc, ARKAT can:

  • Empower scientists globally in disseminating their research results to the widest possible audience, free of financial, political or geographical encumbrances.
  • Significantly increase interaction throughout the world-wide scientific community the open exchange of ideas and research which should accelerate medical and scientific advances.
  • Assist towards minimizing duplication of scientific efforts.
  • Provide an open forum in the form of thematic issues for the discussion of specific topics of current interest.
  • Maintain the standards of published work in organic chemistry by rigorous refereeing and insistence on full experimental details and characterization of compounds.
  • Provide a vehicle for the permanent archival recording of all sound organic chemical research (without space limitations).
  • Promote the basic human rights to equality of opportunity and education.
  • Honor and recognize the achievements of organic chemists worldwide through commemorative issues.

ARKIVOC - Free Journal of Organic Chemistry