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ARKIVOC Volume 2015
Part (iv): Special Issue 'In recognition of the scientific achievements of Prof. Manfred Schlosser '
Facilitator: Florence Mongin
Scientific Editor: Bert Maes

Graphical Abstracts PDF (613K)
1. A tribute to Prof. Manfred Schlosser (MS-1465BT)
Florence Mongin, Renzo Ruzziconi and Qian Wang
Full Text: PDF (3,036K)
pp. 1 - 8
published Sep 17 2014;
2. Ligations of O-acyl threonine units to give native peptides via 5-, 8-, 9- and 10-membered cyclic transition states (MS-8796BP)
Siva S. Panda, Sumaira Liaqat, Anand D. Tiwari, Hadi M. Marwani, Hassan M. Faidallah, Abdul Rauf, C. Dennis Hall and the late Alan R. Katritzky
Full Text: PDF (508K)
Supplementary Material: PDF (784K)
pp. 9 - 18

received Jun 6 2014; accepted Sep 8 2014; published Sep 19 2014;
3. Directed lithiation of simple aromatics and heterocycles for synthesis of substituted derivatives (MS-8744BR)
Gamal A. El-Hiti, Keith Smith, Amany S. Hegazy, Mohammed B. Alshammari and Ali M. Masmali
Full Text: PDF (297K)
pp. 19 - 47

received Apr 25 2014; accepted Aug 16 2014; published Sep 23 2014;
4. Substituent effects on the relative rates and free energies of ortho-lithiation reactions: families of fluorobenzenes as the substrates (MS-8926BP)
Florence Mongin, Christophe Curty, Elena Marzi, Frederic R. Leroux and Manfred Schlosser
Full Text: PDF (158K)
pp. 48 - 65

received Sep 10 2014; accepted Dec 13 2014; published Feb 25 2015;
5. Structure and conformational dynamics of an aromatic sulfonamide: NMR, X-Ray and computational studies (MS-8974BP)
Stefano Menichetti, Chiara Biagioli, Caterina Viglianisi, Lorenzo Tofani, Lodovico Lunazzi, Michele Mancinelli and Andrea Mazzanti
Full Text: PDF (878K)
pp. 66 - 79

received Oct 17 2014; accepted Jan 8 2015; published Feb 27 2015;
6. Synthesis of new, optically active 1-(substituted aryl)pyrrole derivatives via atropisomerism directed diastereoselective metalation (MS-9023BP)
Angelika Thurner, Bernadett Vas-Feldhoffer, Éva Bottka, Tamás Holczbauer, Miklós Nyerges and Ferenc Faigl
Full Text: PDF (260K)
Supplementary Material: PDF (22K)
pp. 80 - 96

received Nov 6 2014; accepted Feb 21 2015; published Apr 25 2015;
7. Regioselective inverse Diels-Alder reaction of unsymmetrical tetrazines with aldehydes and ketones (MS-8957BP)
Enoch A. Adogla, Yanmei Xu, Honglin Li, Guiren Wang and Qian Wang
Full Text: PDF (164K)
Supplementary Material: PDF (420K)
pp. 97 - 106

received Oct 7 2014; accepted Feb 21 2015; published Apr 25 2015;
8. Triethylamine and TBD supported on silica: useful heterogeneous catalysts for the reaction of β-dicarbonyl derivatives with α,β-unsaturated compounds under batch and continuous flow conditions (MS-9025BP)
Raimondo Maggi, Calogero G. Piscopo and Giovanni Maestri
Full Text: PDF (121K)
pp. 107 - 116

received Nov 6 2014; accepted Feb 21 2015; published Apr 25 2015;
9. Preparation of gem-difluorinated retrohydroxamic-fosmidomycin (MS-8846BP)
Jean-Noël Volle, Camille Midriera, Vincent Blanchard, Ralf Braun, Klaus Haaf, Lothar Willms, Jean-Luc Pirata and David Virieux
Full Text: PDF (171K)
pp. 117 - 126

received Jul 15 2014; accepted Feb 21 2015; published Apr 25 2015;
10. An interesting sidetrack in the tofisopam synthesis: lithium variant of a stereospecific Oppenauer oxidation (MS-8964BP)
Erika Molnárné Samu, Gyula Simig, Judit Halász and Balázs Volk
Full Text: PDF (99K)
pp. 127 - 138

received Oct 11 2014; accepted Jan 29 2015; published Apr 25 2015;
11. Are reactions between allylpotassiums and halotrimethylsilanes diffusion-controlled? (MS-9019BP)
Eric Masson and Manfred Schlosser
Full Text: PDF (133K)
pp. 139 - 150

received Nov 4 2014; accepted Feb 21 2015; published Jun 1 2015;
12. First observable CD spectra from n-σ* excitation: TD-DFT calculation and determination of absolute configuration of 2,6-dithiaspiro[3.3]heptane 2,6-dioxide (MS-8826BP)
Yuji Naruse and Yousuke Hasegawa
Full Text: PDF (348K)
Supplementary Material: PDF (16K)
pp. 151 - 160

received Jul 1 2014; accepted May 12 2015; published Jun 16 2015;
13. Synthesis, stereochemical characteristics, and coordination behavior of 2,2’-binaphthyl-1,1’-biisoquinoline as a new axially chiral bidentate ligand (MS-9069BP)
Takahiro Kawatsu, Hiroki Tokushima, Yuya Takedomi, Tatsushi Imahori, Kazunobu Igawa, Katsuhiko Tomooka and Ryo Irie
Full Text: PDF (383K)
pp. 161 - 175

received Dec 1 2014; accepted Apr 5 2015; published Jul 6 2015;

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