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ARKIVOC Volume 2012
Authors Index

, Modern Friedel-Crafts chemistry. Part 35. New synthetic approach to substituted indolo[2,1-a][2]benzazepines and indolo[2,1-a]isoquinolines via Friedel-Crafts cyclialkylations. (ix) 122-135. 12-7304IP: PDF
Abarca, Belen Triazolopyridines. Part 29. Direct arylation reactions with [1,2,3]triazolo[1,5-a]pyridines. (ix) 229-241. 12-7695DP: PDF
Abele, Edgars A new pathway for the preparation of biologically active 2 substituted 1,5-dihydrobenzo[e][1,2,4]oxadiazepines and related compounds by palladium-catalyzed cyclization of amidoximes with o-iodobenzyl bromide or 2-bromo-3-chloromethylpyridine. (viii) 49-61. 12-7260SP: PDF
Abele, Edgars Palladium-catalyzed synthesis of novel tetra- and penta-cyclic biologically active benzopyran- and pyridopyran-containing heterocyclic systems. (ix) 185-194. 12-7323GP: PDF
Aitken, R Alan Improved synthesis and characterisation of 1,3,4-oxadiazole. (v) 75-79. FF-6567YP: PDF
Aitken, David J Evaluation of an aza-Michael approach for the synthesis of 3,3-dimethyl-2-aminocyclobutane-1-carboxylic acid. (v) 80-93. FF-6923YP: PDF
Al-Matar, Hamad M. Studies with 3-oxoalkanenitriles: novel rearrangements observed while exploring the utility of 3-(1-methyl-2-pyrrolyl)-3-oxopropanenitrile as a precursor to pyrrole-substituted heterocyclic compounds. (vi) 1-15. 12-6808SP: PDF
Al-Momani, Loay Ahmed Hydroxy-L-prolines as asymmetric catalysts for aldol, Michael addition and Mannich reactions. (vi) 101-111. 12-6924UP: PDF
Alkorta, Ibon A theoretical study of the parent NH-benzazoles (benzimidazoles, indazoles and benzotriazoles): geometries, energies, acidity and basicity, NMR properties and molecular electrostatic potentials. (ii) 85-106. AA-7474GP: PDF
Amri, Hassen A practical synthesis of diethyl 1-[(alkylamino)(cyano)methyl]vinylphosphonates . (viii) 119-127. 12-7121HP: PDF
Anary-Abbasinejad, Mohammad One-pot synthesis of highly functionalised 1H-pyrazoles from arylcarbohydrazides, cyclohexyl isocyanide, and acetylene diesters. (ix) 13-20. 12-7137NP: PDF
Atzrodt, Jens The synthesis of selected phase II metabolites – Ο-glucuronides and sulfates of drug development candidates. (iii) 257-278. RB-7039BU: PDF
Bagley, Mark Christopher Microwave-assisted Ullmann-Buchwald C-S bond formation using a copper(I) catalyst and trans-cyclohexane-1,2-diol as ligand. (vii) 294-313. KS-7708UP: PDF
Bakó, Péter Synthesis of L-arabinose-based crown ethers and their applications as enantioselective phase transfer catalysts. (viii) 36-48. 12-7084OP: PDF
Banert, Klaus Synthesis of triacetonamine N-alkyl derivatives reinvestigated. (iii) 379-390. RB-6901BP: PDF
Baradarani, Mehdi Mohammad 3-(1-Cyclohexylpyrrolidin-2-ylidene)-3H-indole and 4-(cyclohexylamino)-1-(1H-indol-3-yl)butan-1-one – the balance between enaminimine and ring-opened forms . (vii) 158-166. KS-7632RP: PDF
Bátori, Sandor Reactivity of 1,2,3-triazole-substituted 1-azabutadienes (vinamidines). (v) 146-162. FF-7015YP: PDF
Beifuss, Uwe Microwave-assisted three-component reaction in conventional solvents and ionic liquids for the synthesis of amino-substituted imidazo[1,2-a]pyridines . (iii) 243-256. RB-6973BP: PDF
Beletskaya, Irina P. Macrobicycles based on cyclen and cyclam containing 1,3-disubstituted adamantane moiety. (vii) 196-209. KS-7594UP: PDF
bentley, thomas william Concurrent pathways to explain solvent and substituent effects for solvolyses of benzoyl chlorides in ethanol-trifluoroethanol mixtures . (vii) 25-34. KS-7231UP: PDF
Berlicki, Łukasz Three component Kabachnik-Fields condensation leading to substituted aminomethane-P-hydroxymethylphosphonic acids as a tool for screening of bacterial urease inhibitors. (iv) 33-43. PK-6862DP: PDF
Bermejo, Francisco Alberto Oxidative cyclization of γ-alkylidene butenolides. Stereoselective preparation of spirolactones. (ix) 171-184. 12-7644NP: PDF
Bernard, Marek Krzysztof On the reactions of tertiary carbanions with some nitroindazoles and nitrobenzotriazoles. (viii) 169-186. 12-7388VP: PDF
Bharate, Sandip Bibishan Efficient synthesis of 2,3-dihydroquinazolin-4(1H)-ones using heterogeneous solid acid catalysts: unexpected formation of 2,3-dihydro-2-(4-(tetrahydro-2H-pyran-2-yloxy)butyl)-quinazolin-4(1H)-one. (viii) 308-318. 12-7177VP: PDF
Boerner, Armin Promoters for Pd-catalyzed methoxycarbonylation of vinyl acetate. (iii) 66-75. RB-6491BP: PDF
Boland, Wilhelm Improved synthesis of the chrysomelid pheromone (6R,7S)-(+)-himachala-9,11-diene via spontaneous bromination and didehydrobromination of 2,6,6,9-tetramethyl-bicyclo[5.4.0]undec-8-ene. (iii) 371-378. RB-7008BP: PDF
Bonacorso, Helio Gauze Regioselective synthesis and antimicrobial evaluation of new 1-aryloxyacetyl-, 1-thiophenoyacetyl- and 1-phenylaminoacetyl-substituted 3-alkyl(aryl/heteroaryl)-5-trifluoromethyl-5-hydroxy-4,5-dihydro-1H-pyrazoles. (viii) 62-75. 12-7129SP: PDF
Bonacorso, Helio Gauze 6-Hydrazinonicotinic acid hydrazide: an useful precursor for chemo- and regioselective synthesis of new heteroaryl-linked pyridinohydrazones. (viii) 214-225. 12-7363MP: PDF
Borbás, Aniko Selective removal of the (2-naphthyl)methyl protecting group in the presence of p-methoxybenzyl group by catalytic hydrogenation. (v) 312-325. FF-7071YP: PDF
Borowiecki, Paweł Preparation and thermal stability of optically active 1,2,4-triazolium-based ionic liquids . (viii) 262-281. 12-7601JP: PDF
Bureš, Filip Synthesis and coordination ability of tartrate-derived N-alkyl dicarbohydrazides towards Cu2+ ions. (ix) 35-48. 12-7341HP: PDF PDF PDF
Cakmak, Osman Functionalization of naphthalene: a novel synthetic route to brominated naphthoquinones. (vii) 274-281. KS-7685UP: PDF
Carpenter, Barry Keith Computational design of a renewable organic reagent for photochemical reduction of CO2 with visible light. (vii) 127-136. KS-7543UP: PDF
Çelik, İlhami A new protocol for the synthesis of primary, secondary and tertiary anthranilamides utilizing N-(2-aminoarylacyl)benzotriazoles. (viii) 198-213. 12-7369BP: PDF
Cha, Jin Kun Organozinc-promoted ring opening of cyclopropanols. (ii) 74-84. AA-7109GP: PDF
chen, wanli Et3N-promoted sequential reactions for the synthesis of 6H-benzo[c]chromenes. (vi) 16-25. 12-6840UP: PDF
chen, wanli Synthesis of multisubstituted pyrroles via a CuI-catalyzed three-component coupling and a 1,8-diazabicyclo[5.4.0]undec-7-ene (DBU) / silica-gel promoted cyclization. (viii) 295-307. 12-7511GP: PDF
Ciscato, Luiz Francisco Monteiro Leite The chemiluminescent peroxyoxalate system: state of the art almost 50 years from its discovery . (iii) 391-430. RB-6949BR: PDF
Congwen, Ding The aqueous-phase synthesis of sulfonylthioureas and a study of their properties as anion receptors. (ix) 254-261. 12-7741ZP: PDF
Dalton, John Pius Anti-malaria drug development targeting the M1 alanyl and M17 leucyl aminopeptidases. (iv) 330-346. PK-7138DR: PDF
Dawood, Kamal M. Synthesis and applications of bipyrazole systems. (i) 491-545. 12-7227LR: PDF
Diana, Patrizia Synthesis of pyrazolo[4,3-c][1,2,6]benzothiadiazocine, a new ring system as potential COX inhibitor . (ii) 41-49. AA-7221GP: PDF
Dixit, Bharat C. A comparative study of solution phase as well as solvent free microwave assisted syntheses of 3-benzothiazole/isoxazole substituted 2-styryl-4(3H)-quinazolinones. (vi) 281-294. 12-6821IP: PDF
Dorman, György Rapid catalyst evaluation for Sonogashira coupling in continuous flow. (v) 186-195. FF-7061YP: PDF
Dughera, Stefano The efficient o-benzenedisulfonimide catalysed synthesis of benzothiazoles, benzoxazoles and benzimidazoles. (ix) 262-279. 12-7701GP: PDF
El-Hiti, Gamal A A tribute to Prof. Keith Smith. (vii) 1-11. KS-1461UT: PDF
El-Hiti, Gamal A Reactions of organolithium reagents with quinazoline derivatives. (vii) 35-78. KS-7232UR: PDF
El-Kashef, Hussein New pyrazole derivatives of potential biological activity. (vii) 228-241. KS-7536UP: PDF
Elliott, Mark C. An unexpected Prins desymmetrisation reaction driven by silyl migration. (vii) 114-126. KS-7549UP: PDF
Esteves, Ana Paula Synthesis of esters derived from 2,3,4-tri-O-benzyl-alpha-D-methylglucoside. (vi) 185-193. 12-6433RP: PDF
Farghaly, Thoraya A. Synthesis of new pentaheterocyclic ring system as antiandrogene, anti HCV and anti H1N1 agents. (vi) 57-70. 12-6694KP: PDF
Fodor, Lajos Investigation of ring transformations of diaryl-β-lactams condensed with 1,3-benzothiazines. (v) 37-46. FF-6758YP: PDF
Forlani, Giuseppe Tailoring nostoclide structure to target the chloroplastic electron transport chain. (iv) 15-32. PK-6719DP: PDF
Franz, Andreas H. The first example of amine-induced reversal of diastereoselectivity in acylation of some trans-2-substituted cyclohexanols. (viii) 27-35. 12-7272SP: PDF
Gao, Guohua Synthesis and characterization of novel N-acyl cyclic urea derivatives. (vi) 304-316. 12-6773HP: PDF
Gebhardt, Peter The facile synthesis of a pyrimidinyl sulfonamide (N,N,N,6-tetramethyl-2-(4-nitrophenylsulfonamido)pyrimidin-4-ammonium chloride) as a PET tracer precursor. (ix) 159-170. 12-7604YP: PDF
Goralski, Christian T The hydroboration of enamines. (vii) 88-113. KS-7330UR: PDF
Gorobets, Nikolay Yu. Competing transformations of 2-cyanoacetanilides in the reactions with derivatives of ethoxymethylenemalonic acid. (vi) 398-411. 12-6354IP: PDF
Gracza, Tibor Synthesis and antitumour activity of varitriol and its analogues. (vi) 365-383. 12-7295YP: PDF
Green, Ivan R. Chemical derivatization of Phomosine A, a highly antifungal secondary metabolite from Phonopsis sp.. (vi) 71-89. 12-6594MP: PDF
Grundt, Peter The chemistry of tryptanthrin and its derivatives. (i) 546-569. 12-7354LR: PDF
Grygorenko, Oleksandr O Synthesis of dihydro-2H-pyran-3(4H)-one. (viii) 226-230. 12-7376MP: PDF
Gudat, Dietrich Synthesis and characterization of a 2-chloro-1,3,2-diaza-phospholidine-4,5-diimine. (ii) 50-59. AA-6738GP: PDF
Gültekin, zeynep An efficient method for the preparation of 2,2,4-trisubstituted 1,2-dihydroquinolines using catalytic amount Bi(OTf)3 as catalyst. (viii) 250-261. 12-7274MP: PDF
Hajos, Gyorgy Novel fluorescent isoquinoline derivatives obtained via Buchwald-Hartwig coupling of isoquinolin-3-amines. (v) 109-119. FF-6959YP: PDF
Harmata, Michael Formation of a benzothiazine via the reaction of ortho-halo sulfoximines with copper salts. (vi) 119-128. 12-6823IP: PDF
Hartmann, Horst On the Vilsmeier formylation of N-aryl-substituted 2-aminothiophenes - a simple route to new thieno[2,3-b]quinolinium salts. (iii) 356-370. RB-6956BP: PDF
Hassanin, Hany Mohamed Nucleophilic substitution and ring transformation reactions with 4-chloro-6-ethyl-3-nitropyrano[3,2-c]quinoline-2,5(6H)-dione . (vi) 384-397. 12-7329DP: PDF
Heinze, Thomas Synthesis and characterization of branched polysaccharides by reaction of cellulose with 2,3,4,6-tetraacetyl-1-bromo-α-D-glucopyranoside. (iii) 76-89. RB-6718BP: PDF
Herres-Pawlis, Sonja H.M. Syntheses and characterisation of tris(3-(pyridin-2-yl)-1H-pyrazol-1-yl)methane and its bis(µ-hydroxo) dicobalt(II) complex. (iii) 343-355. RB-6964BP: PDF
Hideg, Kalman Synthesis of Deprenyl-like nitroxide free radicals and their diamagnetic derivatives. (v) 47-59. FF-6724YP: PDF
Hollósi, Miklós Structure analysis of proteins, peptides and metal complexes by vibrational circular dichroism. (v) 291-300. FF-6661YP: PDF
Hu, Bao One-pot synthesis of 1,2,4,5-tetrasubstituted imidazoles by a tandem three-component reaction of hydroxylamines, aldehydes and 2-azido acrylates . (vi) 222-228. 12-7294VP: PDF
Huszthy, Péter Synthesis of new enantiopure dimethyl-substituted pyridino-18-crown-6 ethers containing a hydroxymethyl, a formyl, or a carboxyl group at position 4 of the pyridine ring for enantiomeric recognition studies. (v) 134-145. FF-7113YP: PDF
Imhof, Wolfgang Synthesis and structural characterization of imines from 2,3-diphenylbutane-1,4-diamine and their ruthenium catalyzed transformation to bis-(1,3-dihydropyrrolone) derivatives . (iii) 457-469. RB-6961BP: PDF
Ito, Shigekazu Unique molecular distortion in the 2,4,6-tri-t-butylphenyl group. (ii) 6-14. AA-6726GP: PDF
Jayaramapillai, RajendraPrasad Karnam Synthesis of thieno- and benzocyclohepta[b]indoles: Gewald reaction and regioselective cycloaddition of acetylenic esters. (vi) 326-342. 12-7162IP: PDF
Jennings, Michael A tribute to Prof. Anthony J. Arduengo, III. (ii) 1-5. AA-1457GT: PDF
Jiráček, Jiří The synthesis of phosphonic acids derived from homocysteine via transesterification reactions. (iv) 80-99. PK-6943DP: PDF
Jones, Raymond C. F. Dehydrogenation–halogenation of a 4,5,6,7-tetrahydroisoxazolo[4,3-c]pyridin-4-one to provide a scaffold for acylpyridones. (vii) 12-24. KS-7005UP: PDF
Kaboudin, Babak A convenient and general procedure for the synthesis of α-ureidophosphonates under catalyst-free conditions . (iv) 44-53. PK-7043DP: PDF
Kalchenko, Vitaly Ivanovich Calix[4]arene-α-hydroxyphosphonic acids. Synthesis, stereochemistry, and inhibition of glutathione S-transferase . (iv) 278-298. PK-6985DP: PDF
Kaminski, Zbigniew J. The new approach to organocatalysts. Synthesis of a library of N-lipidated oligopeptides immobilized on cellulose and screening of their catalytic activity. (iv) 186-195. PK-7006DP: PDF
Kantlehner, Willi Orthoamides and iminium salts, LXXIII1. Contributions to the cleavage of carboxylic acid orthoamides – a new access to N,N,N‘,N‘-tetraalkyl-carboxamidinium salts. (iii) 442-456. RB-6997BP: PDF
Karami, Bahador One-pot three-component approach to synthesis of fused heterocyclic compounds: Synthesis of fused pyran-2-ones. (ix) 76-84. 12-7419ZP: PDF
Kaye, Perry T DBU-mediated cleavage of aryl- and heteroaryl disulfides. (vi) 245-252. 12-7066QP: PDF
Ketcha, Daniel M. N-alkylation of isatins utilizing KF/alumina. (vi) 317-325. 12-7191UP: PDF
khidre, rizk Elsayed 2-Chloroquinoline-3-carbaldehydes: synthesis, reactions and applications. (i) 211-276. 12-7051LR: PDF
kirsch, gilbert henri Synthesis of new selenophene and thiazole analogues of the Tacrine series. (iii) 431-441. RB-6974BP: PDF
Kivelä, Henri Stereoselective synthesis and structural analysis of polycyclic lactams derived from tetrahydroisoquinoline 1,2- and 1,3-diamines. (v) 244-264. FF-6963YP: PDF
Kleinpeter, Erich F. Spatial magnetic properties subject to lone pair and π electron delocalization in benzenoid and quinoid structures. Are quinoid tautomers really nonaromatic?. (v) 94-108. FF-6537YP: PDF
Kleinpeter, Erich F. Synthesis and conformational properties of 1,3-dimethyl-3-phenyl-1,3-azasilinane. Low temperature dynamic NMR and computational study. (v) 175-185. FF-7065YP: PDF
Klimesova, vera The synthesis and antimycobacterial properties of 4-(substituted benzylsulfanyl)pyridine-2-carboxamides. (iii) 90-103. RB-6935BP: PDF
Knight, David W. An efficient copper-catalysed pyrrole synthesis. (vii) 253-273. KS-7508UP: PDF
Knölker, Hans-Joachim Transition metals in organic synthesis, Part 98. Transition metal mediated total synthesis of the potent neuronal cell protecting alkaloid (±)-lavanduquinocin . (iii) 330-342. RB-6970BP: PDF
Kolodiazhnyi, Oleg I Enantioselective reduction of ketophosphonates using adducts of chiral natural acids with sodium borohydride. (iv) 100-117. PK-6971DP: PDF
Korotkikh, Nikolai Ivanovich A base induced transformation of a 1,3-dimethyl-1,3-di(1-adamantyl)formamidinium salt into β-[methyl-(1-adamantyl)amino]acrylonitriles in aliphatic nitriles. (ii) 60-73. AA-6908GP: PDF
Krebs, Michael Andreas Lewis acid-catalyzed Diels-Alder reaction of 2-cyclopentenones with Danishefsky’s diene: double bond isomerization of tetrahydro-1H-indene-1,5(7aH)-diones, and attempts on an asymmetric catalysis. (iii) 5-19. RB-6434BP: PDF
Krupadanam, G. L. David Synthesis of 5-aryl-2-piperidino-5H-chromeno[3,4-c]pyridine-1-carbonitriles . (vi) 355-364. 12-7010IP: PDF
Kukhar, Valery P. 1-Amino-1,1-bisphosphonates. Fundamental syntheses and new developments. (iv) 127-166. PK-6916DR: PDF
Kulkarni, Manohar V Synthesis, modeling and biological studies on 4-2'(2, 3- dihydrobenzofuranyl) coumarins. (viii) 1-16. 12-6659IP: PDF
Kurteva, Vanya B. Fast and efficient direct conversion of 2-aminopyridine into 2,3-disubstituted imidazo[1,2-a]pyridines. (viii) 282-294. 12-7379OP: PDF
Labanauskas, Linas Synthesis of substituted 2λ4δ2-[1,2,3]thiadiazolo[3,4-c]benzimidazoles and 2λ4δ2-[1,2,3,5]thiatriazolo[3,4-c]benzimidazoles . (viii) 17-26. 12-7101SP: PDF
Langer, Jens Dppm-derived phosphonium salts and ylides as ligand precursors for s-block organometallics. (iii) 210-225. RB-6994BP: PDF
Lazrek, Hassan B. Preparation of 1,4-disubstituted-1,2,3-triazolo ribonucleosides by Na2CuP2O7 catalyzed azide-alkyne 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition. (viii) 76-89. 12-7210JP: PDF
Lee-Ruff, Edward Direct observation of a doubly destabilized cation. (vi) 343-354. 12-7057QP: PDF
Lei, Min First total synthesis of salvianolic acid C, tournefolic acid A, and tournefolal. (vi) 204-213. 12-6915NP: PDF
Li, Bin Synthesis and acaricidal activity of cyenopyrafen and its geometric isomer. (vi) 26-34. 12-6851JP: PDF
Li, Xiaoqing TBAI-catalyzed oxidative coupling of β-ketoesters with carboxylic acid: synthesis of α-carboxylic-β-ketoesters. (ix) 150-158. 12-7593VP: PDF
Liebscher, Jürgen Synthesis and application of azolium ionic liquid tagged TADDOL catalysts. (iii) 312-329. RB-6976BP: PDF
Liebscher, Jürgen Linking applicatory functions to the 3-position of pyrrole by click chemistry. (ix) 204-219. 12-7571BP: PDF
Liljeblad, Arto Advances in the kinetic and dynamic kinetic resolution of piperazine-2-carboxylic acid derivatives with Candida antarctica lipase A; structural requirements for enantioselective N-acylation. (v) 60-74. FF-6748YP: PDF
Lin, He Mei A novel and efficient synthesis of selenides. (viii) 146-156. 12-7355HP: PDF
Lipinska, Teodozja Marianna Structure-reactivity study of O-tosyl Cinchona alkaloids in their new synthesis and in hydrolysis to 9-epibases. Unexpected formation of cinchonicine enol tosylate accelerated by microwave activation. (vi) 264-280. 12-6864OP: PDF
Liu, Chun Facile synthesis of mono-, bis- and tris-aryl-substituted aniline derivatives in aqueous DMF. (ix) 62-75. 12-7266GP: PDF
Lochynski, Stanislaw Chemical and microbiological oxidation of (–)-cis-carane-4-one leading to chiral compounds and evaluation of their antifeedant activity. (iv) 196-203. PK-6991DP: PDF
Lönnberg, Harri 5´,5´-Phosphodiesters and esterase labile triesters of 2´-C-methylribonucleosides. (v) 226-243. FF-6989YP: PDF
Lu, Ming Oxidation of alcohols with hydrogen peroxide in the presence of a new triple-site phosphotungstate. (viii) 187-197. 12-7275ZP: PDF PDF PDF PDF
Lv, Xin Copper-catalyzed one-pot synthesis of 2H-1,4-benzoxazin-3-(4H)-ones from 2-(o-haloaryloxy)acyl chlorides and primary amines. (vi) 129-142. 12-6879ZP: PDF
Maas, Gerhard Rhodium(II)-catalyzed intramolecular carbonyl ylide formation of α-diazo-β-ketoesters derived from N-phthaloyl-α-amino acids. (iii) 149-171. RB-6927BP: PDF
Macedo Jr., Fernando Progress in the intermolecular pinacol cross coupling methodologies. (i) 134-151. 12-6734LU: PDF
macquarrie, duncan james Mesoporous structured silica – An improved catalyst for direct amide synthesis and its application to continuous flow processing. (vii) 282-293. KS-7636UP: PDF
Madhusudhan, G. An expeditious construction of 3-aryl-5-(substituted methyl)-2-oxazolidinones: a short and efficient synthesis of Linezolid. (vi) 45-56. 12-6209RP: PDF
Maguire, Anita Rose Recent trends in whole cell and isolated enzymes in enantioselective synthesis. (i) 321-382. 12-6900LR: PDF
Malinowska, Barbara Chemical and biocatalytical methods of determination of stereomeric composition of 1,4-di[(diethoxyphosphoryl)hydroxymethyl]benzene . (iv) 299-313. PK-6993DP: PDF
Mallik, Asok K. A facile and highly diastereoselective synthesis of cis-2,4-diarylthiochromans. (ix) 85-94. 12-7209HP: PDF
Mallik, Asok K. Simple synthesis of a new family of 22- to 28-membered macrocycles containing two chalcone moieties . (ix) 95-110. 12-7621BP: PDF
manzo, emiliano Synthesis of Phidianidine B, a highly cytotoxic 1,2,4-oxadiazole marine metabolite. (ix) 220-228. 12-7639NP: PDF
Marques, Maria M. Synthesis of 3-OH free N-acetyl glucosamine disaccharide. (vi) 90-100. 12-7003HP: PDF
Maslennikova, Vera Ivanovna Amination of oligofunctionalized dinaphthylmethanes: factors affecting the reaction pathway. (ix) 136-149. 12-7290IP: PDF
Mason, Rod Stewart Synthesis of protonated ferrocene isomers in the gas phase and their study by mass spectrometry. (vii) 137-157. KS-7483UP: PDF
Matczak-Jon, Ewa X-ray evidence for the relationship between pyridyl side chain basicity and the Z/E preferences of 5-halogen substituted(pyridin-2-yl)aminomethane-1,1-diphosphonic acids; implications for metal ions coordination in solution. (iv) 167-185. PK-6966DP: PDF
Mazurkiewicz, Roman N-(1-acyloaminoalkyl)amidinium salts derived from DBU or related bases as reactive intermediates in α-amidoalkylation reactions. (iv) 314-329. PK-6968DP: PDF
McKeown, Neil B. The unexpected formation of a dihydroisobenzofuran derivative from the addition of a Grignard reagent to a 1,3-indanedione. (vii) 190-195. KS-7537UP: PDF
Metz, Peter A short and efficient synthesis of (+)-totarol. (iii) 172-180. RB-6975BP: PDF
Milata, Viktor Synthesis of [1,2,5]selenadiazolo[3,4-f]quinolone derivatives by the Gould-Jacobs reaction of 5-amino-2,1,3-benzoselenadiazole. (iv) 242-251. PK-7098DP: PDF
Ming-Hu, Wu A facile and efficient one-pot three-step protocol for synthesis of 6-aryl-7-oxo-5-aryoxy/alkoxy-1-(p-tolyl)-6,7-dihydro-1H-pyrazolo[4,3-d]pyrimidine-3-carbonitrile. (vi) 295-303. 12-7144QP: PDF
Mituła, Paweł Synthesis of a series of new racemic [2,3-bis(acyloxy)propyl]phosphonocholines. (iv) 216-232. PK-7019DP: PDF
Mlostoń, Grzegorz A new approach to morpholin-2-one derivatives via the reaction of β-amino alcohols with dicyanofumarates . (iii) 181-192. RB-6990BP: PDF
Mohammadi Ziarani, Ghodsi Synthesis of heterocyclic compounds based on isatin through 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reactions. (i) 277-320. 12-7364LR: PDF
Moussa, Ziad The Hendrickson ‘POP’ reagent and analogues thereof: synthesis, structure, and application in organic synthesis. (i) 432-490. 12-7211LR: PDF
Mucha, Artur A tribute to Prof. Pawel Kafarski. (iv) 1-6. PK-1459DT: PDF
Mueller, Thomas J. J. A novel consecutive three-component Heck-isomerization-Wittig sequence by way of in situ generated aldehydes. (iii) 297-311. RB-6960BP: PDF
Nakamura, Hiroyuki Synthesis and biological evaluation of boronic acid containing phenstatin analogues. (vii) 79-87. KS-7207UP: PDF
Nawrot, Barbara DNA oligonucleotides with stereodefined phenylphosphonate and phosphonothioate internucleotide bonds: synthesis and physico-chemical properties. (iv) 63-79. PK-7004DP: PDF
Negishi, Ei-ichi Pd-catalyzed cross-coupling reactions exhibiting catalyst turnover numbers (TONs) exceeding one million. (vii) 242-252. KS-7615UP: PDF
Negrete, George R. Claisen rearrangement route to novel electron-rich perylene dyes. (vi) 112-118. 12-6835QP: PDF
north, michael Synthesis of cyclic carbonates from epoxides and carbon dioxide using bimetallic aluminum(salen) complexes. (i) 610-628. 12-7669LU: PDF
Odinets, Irina L. Water as a promoting media for 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of phosphorylated azides to internal alkynes. (iv) 252-263. PK-6978DP: PDF
Olejniczak, Agnieszka Bogusława Nucleoside-metallacarborane conjugates - synthesis of a uridine - bearing 3,3,3-(CO)3-closo-3,1,2-ReC2B9H10 complex. (viii) 90-97. 12-7326ZP: PDF
Onysko, Petro Petrovich Hetero-Diels-Alder reactions of N-phosphoryltrihaloacetimidoyl chlorides with 1,3-butadienes. (iv) 118-126. PK-6953DP: PDF
Opatz, Till Monosaccharidic mimetics of the sialyl LewisX tetrasaccharide based on 2,7-dihydroxynaphthalene. (iii) 134-148. RB-6867BP: PDF PDF
Pal, Dr. Rammohan Amberlyst-15 in organic synthesis. (i) 570-609. 12-7325LR: PDF
Palacios, Francisco Stereoselective inverse conjugate addition of nitrogen and carbon nucleophiles to allenyl phosphine oxide. Synthesis of α,β-unsaturated phosphine oxides. (iv) 54-62. PK-6933DP: PDF
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