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ARKIVOC Volume 2006
Part (viii): Special Issue 'Plenary and Invited Lectures of joint Italian-Swiss Medicinal Chemistry Meeting'
Facilitator: Maria Paola Costi
Scientific Editor: Girolamo Cirrincione

Graphical Abstracts PDF (611K)
1. Issue Italian-Swiss Medicinal Chemistry Meeting (ML-1416GT)
Full Text: PDF (243K)
pp. 1 - 7
accepted Feb 3 2006; published Feb 18 2006;
2. MT2 selective melatonin receptor antagonists: design and structure-activity relationships (ML-1814GP)
Silvia Rivara, Marco Mor, Simone Lorenzi, Alessio Lodola, Pier Vincenzo Plazzi Gilberto Spadoni, Annalida Bedini and Giorgio Tarzia
Full Text: PDF (1,518K)
pp. 8 - 16

received Jan 31 2006; accepted Apr 11 2006; published Apr 19 2006;
3. Synthesis of novel epibatidine-related derivatives through 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of pyridinenitrile oxides (ML-1804GP)
Clelia Dallanoce, Paola Bazza, Giovanni Grazioso, Marco De Amici and Carlo De Micheli
Full Text: PDF (135K)
pp. 17 - 23

received Jan 24 2006; accepted Apr 18 2006; published May 12 2006;
4. Identification of small molecules inhibitors of GCN5 histone acetyltransferase activity (ML-1845GP)
Antonello Mai, Dante Rotili, Prisca Ornaghi, Federica Tosi, Caterina Vicidomini, Gianluca Sbardella, Angela Nebbioso, Lucia Altucci and Patrizia Filetici
Full Text: PDF (393K)
pp. 24 - 37

received Feb 27 2006; accepted Apr 20 2006; published May 18 2006;
5. Tyrosine kinase drug discovery: what can be learned from solved crystal structures? (ML-1815GP)
Loris Moretti, Laura Tchernin and Leonardo Scapozza
Full Text: PDF (272K)
pp. 38 - 49

received Jan 31 2006; accepted Apr 18 2006; published May 18 2006;
6. Design, synthesis and binding affinity of new nicotinic ligands (ML-1806GP)
Luca Guandalini, Elisabetta Martini, Paola Gratteri, Carla Ghelardini, Katia Varani and Maria Novella Romanelli
Full Text: PDF (468K)
pp. 50 - 65

received Jan 25 2006; accepted Apr 18 2006; published May 19 2006;
7. “One-pot” synthesis of 2-acetamido-2-deoxy-1,3,6-tri-O-acetyl-α-D-glucopyranose as intermediate for α-D-lactosamine octaacetate preparation (ML-1780GP)
Marco Filice, Daniela Ubiali, Giuseppe Pagani, Marco Terreni and Massimo Pregnolato
Full Text: PDF (201K)
pp. 66 - 73

received Dec 31 2005; accepted Apr 26 2006; published Jun 8 2006;
8. Induced fit and pharmacophore generation approach applied to A2A adenosine receptor antagonists (ML-1846GP)
Marco D. Parenti, Elena Fioravanzo, Massimo Mabilia, Grazia Gallo and Andrea Ciacci
Full Text: PDF (298K)
pp. 74 - 82

received Feb 28 2006; accepted May 18 2006; published Jun 8 2006;
9. Salicylaldoximes and anthranylaldoximes as alternatives to phenol-based estrogen receptor ligands (ML-1839GP)
Filippo Minutolo, Simone Bertini, Adriano Martinelli, Gabriella Ortore, Giorgio Placanica, Giovanni Prota, Simona Rapposelli, Tiziano Tuccinardi, Shubin Sheng, Kathryn E. Carlson, Benita S. Katzenellenbogen, John A. Katzenellenbogen and Marco Macchia
Full Text: PDF (970K)
pp. 83 - 94

received Feb 23 2006; accepted May 10 2006; published Jun 24 2006;
10. The potent sigma receptor ligand PB167, as a potential PET radiotracer for evaluating the mammary sarcoma in mice (ML-1810GP)
Nicola A. Colabufo, Francesco Berardi, Marialessandra Contino, Mauro Niso, Roberto Perrone and Vincenzo Tortorella
Full Text: PDF (163K)
pp. 95 - 101

received Jan 27 2006; accepted Jun 20 2006; published Jul 21 2006;
11. Synthesis and biological evaluation of potential positron emission tomography (PET) ligands for brain visualization of dopamine D3 receptors (ML-1809GP)
Enza Lacivita, Francesco Berardi, Nicola A. Colabufo, Marcello Leopoldo, Roberto Perrone and Vincenzo Tortorella
Full Text: PDF (115K)
pp. 102 - 110

received Jan 26 2006; accepted May 31 2006; published Aug 11 2006;
12. A pharmacophore modeling approach to design new taxol® mimics: towards the synthesis of potential anticancer and MDR-reversing agent (ML-1836GR)
Michela L. Renzulli, Luc Rocheblave, Stanislava I. Avramova, Elena Galletti, Daniele Castagnolo, Laura Maccari, Stefano Forli, Fabrizio Manetti, Federico Corelli and Maurizio Botta
Full Text: PDF (2,035K)
pp. 111 - 130

received Feb 21 2006; accepted May 31 2006; published Aug 11 2006;
13. Recent developments in the chemistry and biology of epothilones (ML-1819GP)
Karl-Heinz Altmann, Frederic Cachoux, Giorgio Caravatti, Thomas Isarno and Markus Wartmann
Full Text: PDF (193K)
pp. 131 - 141

received Feb 7 2006; accepted Sep 5 2006; published Sep 15 2006;

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