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ARKIVOC Volume 2003
Authors Index

, Two special pathways to perfluoroaryl iodonium salts: the migration of the nucleophilic aryl group in C6F5IO and the electrophilic arylation of C6F5I with [C6F5Xe]+ salts. (vi) 71-82. AV-682AP: PDF
Anjaneyulu, Ammanamanchi S. R. A new aromatic ester from the mangrove plant Lumnitzera racemosa Willd.. (iii) 25-30. SD-567CP: PDF
Antus, Sandor Further insight into the mechanism of Heck oxyarylation in the presence of chiral ligands. (v) 69-76. GB-653JP: PDF
Balasubramanian, Kalpattu K. A stereoselective carbohydrate route to optically active furo[2,3-b]benzofuran ring system. (iii) 140-145. SD-689CP: PDF
Bardón, Alicia Bioactive new bitter-tasting p-hydroxystyrene glycoside and other constituents from the fern Elaphoglossum spathulatum. (x) 347-355. RR-888CP: PDF
Barluenga, Jose Synthesis of new chiral alkenyl Fischer carbene complexes. (x) 576-583. RR-944CP: PDF
Barra, Monica Triplet state dynamics within cyclodextrin solid complexes. (x) 48-58. RR-767CP: PDF
Baumgartner, Maria T. Steric effects in the synthesis of ortho-substituted 1,1'-binaphthalene derivatives by the SRN1 and the Stille reaction. (x) 420-433. RR-923CP: PDF
Belen'kii, Leonid I. Positional selectivity in reactions of pyrrole and its N-substituted derivatives with electrophiles. (xiii) 59-67. BT-791HP: PDF
Beletskaya, Irina P. Metal carbonyl anions as model metal-centered nucleophiles in aromatic and vinylic substitution reactions. (x) 323-334. RR-839CP: PDF
Benedetti, Fabio Design, synthesis and preliminary evaluation of peptidomimetic inhibitors of HIV aspartic protease with an epoxyalcohol core. (xiv) 140-154. BS-891AP: PDF
Biali, Silvio E. The reaction of a bis(spirodienone) calix[4]arene derivative with hydrazine. (ii) 38-48. ZH-591DP: PDF
Biehl, Edward R. The reaction of 2-chloro-1-methoxynaphthalene and 2-bromobiphenylene with 3-cyanophthalides under aryne-forming conditions: convenient synthesis of annular polycyclic aromatic compounds. (i) 81-85. 03-536HP: PDF
Biehl, Edward R. Facile, high-yield, regioselective synthesis of ortho-nitrophenols using cerium (IV) ammonium nitrate. (xv) 124-133. 03-918DP: PDF
Binnemans, Koen Liquid-crystalline metallophthalocyanines containing late first-row transition metals. (iv) 68-82. GH-603GP: PDF
Bosch, Joan Cyclocondensation reactions of racemic and prochiral γ-oxo-acid derivatives with (R)-phenylglycinol. (x) 69-81. RR-801CP: PDF
Bowman, W. Russell Synthesis of 1H-quinazoline-4-ones using intramolecular aromatic nucleophilic substitution . (x) 434-442. RR-881CP: PDF
Boyle, Peter H. Sigmatropic rearrangements of 2,4-dinitrophenyl oximes. (vii) 67-79. AM-721DP: PDF
Brandi, Alberto A new 3,4-dihydroxypyrrolidine-based material for molecular recognition. (xiv) 98-106. BS-858AP: PDF
Brimble, Margaret A. Addition of 2-[(trimethylsilyloxy)]furan to 2-acetyl-1,4-benzoquinone using chiral non-racemic copper(II)-pybox catalysts. (i) 43-55. 03-680KP: PDF
Buncel, Erwin σ-Complexes as biochemical and biophysical probes. Part 6. The interaction of N-2,4,6-trinitrophenyl-L-lysine with methoxide ion in dimethylsulfoxide-methanol (95%-5% v/v) mixture: proton transfer and σ-complex formation. (xii) 197-212. HS-1077JP: PDF
Burton, Gerardo Oxido-bridged neurosteroid analogues. Synthesis of 2,19-oxido-allopregnanolone. (x) 468-476. RR-895CP: PDF
Butler, Richard N. The reaction of unstabilised 1,3,4-oxadiazolium-N-methanide 1,3-dipoles with alkenes: N-substituted Δ-2-pyrrolines: contrast with the 1,3,4-thiadiazolium analogue. (vii) 244-254. AM-647DP: PDF
Cacchi, Sandro Phosphine ligands and nitrogen bases in the solvent-free Heck reaction of butenone with aryl iodides. A highly selective synthesis of benzalacetones. (viii) 58-66. KF-764HP: PDF
Camps-Garcia, Pelayo Easy access to cis-1,3-disubstituted cyclopentane 1,4-diphosphines. (x) 16-23. RR-626CP: PDF
Casey, Mike Synthesis of bicyclic lactams using novel Schmidt reactions. (vii) 310-327. AM-735DP: PDF
Castro, Eduardo A. Tautomerism of lactones and related compounds. Mass spectrometric data and theoretical calculations. (x) 24-31. RR-648CP: PDF
Castro, Eduardo A. Theoretical density functional study of substituted dioxanes: trans 3,6-dimethoxy-1,2-dioxane. (xv) 1-9. 03-332AP: PDF
Castro, Eduardo A. Mass spectral and theoretical studies on the tautomerism of selected thioesters. (xv) 134-142. 03-968DP: PDF
Cavaleiro, Jose A. S. Cycloaddition reactions of porphyrins. (xiv) 107-130. BS-880AP: PDF
Chawla, Har Mohindra New hydrogen bond assisted synthesis of calixarene quinone-hydrazones. (iii) 171-175. SD-637CP: PDF
Chopa, A. B. Elimination vs. substitution in the reaction of 3-stannyl esters and 3-stannyl nitriles with sodium tert-butoxide in DMSO. (x) 382-389. RR-887CP: PDF
Claramunt, Rosa Maria Structure of 3(5)-[(4-diphenylphosphinoyl)phenyl]pyrazole in the solid state (X-ray and CPMAS NMR) and in solution (NMR): Tautomerism and hydrogen bonds. (x) 209-219. RR-817CP: PDF
Coelho, Fernando The influence of protecting groups on the diastereoselectivity of catalytic heterogeneous hydrogenation of Baylis-Hillman adducts. (x) 443-467. RR-890CP: PDF
Compernolle, F. Acetylation products of pentacyclic triterpene glucosides from Combretum psidioides . (iv) 3-21. GH-552GP: PDF
Correia, R. D. Synthesis of aryl pyrrolizidines from endocyclic enecarbamates. Novel applications of the Heck arylation of 3-pyrrolines using diazonium salts. (x) 390-403. RR-889CP: PDF
Corrie, John E. T. Reaction of amino acids with exo-3,6-epoxy-1,2,3,6-tetrahydrophthalic anhydride forms hemi-maleate salts, not maleimides. (i) 69-72. 03-686EP: PDF
Couladouros, Elias A. Synthesis of o-brominated diaryl ethers using symmetrical iodonium salts: Application to the synthesis of Bastadin precursors. (xv) 92-101. 03-910AP: PDF
Coutinho, Evans C. Structure of roxatidine acetate hydrochloride by 1H, 13C and 15N NMR spectroscopy. (xv) 102-106. 03-899BP: PDF
Cuevas, Gabriel Toward the origin of the conformational preference of 2-methoxyoxane, a model useful to study the anomeric effect. (xi) 132-148. MX-867EP: PDF
D'Accorso, Norma Beatriz Deprotection of di-O-isopropylidene isocarbonucleosides. (x) 491-499. RR-842CP: PDF
Darias, Jose New polyhydroxylated steroids from the marine pulmonate Trimusculus peruvianus. (x) 107-117. RR-815CP: PDF
Das, Biswanath Analogues of parthenin and their antibacterial activity. (ix) 126-132. AC-953KP: PDF
Dauban, Philippe Copper-catalyzed aziridination of allylglycine derivatives. (vi) 126-134. AV-665AP: PDF
De, Asish Certain applications of heteroatom directed ortho-metalation in sulfur heterocycles. (ix) 158-173. AC-996KR: PDF
De Clercq, P. J. Synthesis and binding affinity studies of muscarinic receptor antagonists related to dehydrohimbacine. (iv) 22-45. GH-565GP: PDF
De Kimpe, Norbert Synthesis of all-cis-1,2,4-cyclohexanetriol. (iv) 46-50. GH-607GP: PDF
de Lederkremer, Rosa M. Synthesis of 2,3-di-O-(β-D-Galp)-D-Galp, a synthon for the mucin oligosaccharides of Trypanosoma cruzi. (x) 82-94. RR-803CP: PDF
de Silva, A. Prasanna The pH-dependent fluorescence of pyridylmethyl-4-amino-1,8-naphthalimides. (vii) 229-243. AM-722DP: PDF
Dehaen, Wim Synthesis of novel dendritic molecules based on pyrroloanthracene units. (iv) 51-67. GH-620GP: PDF
Dehaen, Wim Asymmetrically protected porphyrin meso-tetraphenols and their application in the synthesis of pentaporphyrin dendrimers. (iv) 83-92. GH-652GP: PDF
del Río-Portilla, Jose Federico New guide for first order multiplet analysis by modified J doubling in the frequency domain. (xi) 213-226. MX-924EP: PDF
Delgado, Francisco Characterization and application of a new natural catalyst. (xi) 118-131. MX-919EP: PDF
Diaz, L. C. High 1,4-syn-induction in the addition of chiral allyltrichlorostannanes to chiral aldehydes. (x) 240-261. RR-863CP: PDF
Döpp, Dietrich Heterocycles of biological importance: Part 6. The formation of novel biologically active pyrimido[1,2-a]benzimidazoles from electron deficient alkynes and 2-aminobenzimidazoles. (xiv) 170-177. BS-920AP: PDF
Döpp, Dietrich Heterocycles of biological importance: Part 7. Synthesis of biologically active pyrimido[2,1-b]benzothiazoles from acetylenic acids and 2-aminobenzothiazoles. (xv) 107-114. 03-940BP: PDF
Dorokhov, V. Diacetylketene N,S-acetals in synthesis of new functionalized 2(1H)-pyrimidinethiones. (xiv) 178-186. BS-843AP: PDF
Doyle, M.P. Enantioselectivity for catalytic cyclopropanation with diazomalonates. (vii) 15-22. AM-666DP: PDF
Dubonosov, Alexander D. Photochromic 2-(N-acyl-N-arylaminomethylene)benzo[b]thiophene-3(2H)-ones with fluorescent labels and/or crown-ether receptors. (xiii) 12-20. BT-751HP: PDF
Durantini, E. N. Synthesis of meso-substituted cationic porphyrins as potential photodynamic agents. (x) 227-239. RR-852CP: PDF
Efremova, I.E. Dinitrosulfodienes of the 2,5-dihydrothiophene-1,1-dioxide series in reactions with nucleophiles. (xiii) 52-58. BT-788HP: PDF
Elguero, Jose Synthesis and spectroscopy of the Tröger’s base derived from 2-aminoacridine. (i) 1-8. 03-651AP: PDF
Elguero, Jose Hydrogen bond acceptor properties of two radicals: nitric oxide molecule and hydrogen atom. (xiv) 31-36. BS-774AP: PDF
Engel, Paul The free radical chemistry of the azoxy group. (xii) 89-108. HS-810JR: PDF
Erra-Balsells, Rosa UV-Matrix-assisted laser desorption/ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry analysis of synthetic polymers by using nor-harmane as matrix. (x) 517-537. RR-869CP: PDF
Estevez, Ramon J. Total synthesis of 8,9,11,12-tetramethoxy-2-methyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphtho[2,1-f]isoquinoline and 8,9,11-trimethoxy-2-methyl-1,2,3,4-tetrahydronaphtho[2,1-f]isoquinolin-12-ol. (xv) 29-38. 03-841BP: PDF
Fan, Q. H. Chiral BINOL-centered dendrimers for the enantioselective Lewis acid catalyzed diethylzinc addition to aldehydes. (ii) 123-132. ZH-634DP: PDF
Feldman, K.S. Application of alkynyliodonium salts to natural products synthesis: A mini-review of recent work at Penn State. (vi) 179-190. AV-644AR: PDF
Feng, X.-M. Asymmetric reactions catalyzed by chiral titanium complexes. (ii) 21-31. ZH-560DR: PDF
Fernández-Zertuche, M. Generation of alkoxyalkynylketenes from a bicyclic precursor. Cycloaddition chemistry with alkynes and theoretical studies regarding the formation of five- versus six-membered ring products. (xi) 89-99. MX-884EP: PDF
Ferreira, V.F. Synthesis of new aldehyde derivatives from β-lapachone and nor-β-lapachone. (x) 156-168. RR-809CP: PDF
Fišera, Lubor Diastereoselectivity of nitrone 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition to Baylis-Hillman adducts. (xiv) 162-169. BS-877AP: PDF
Florio, Saverio β-Lithiation of oxazolinyloxiranes: synthetic utility. (xiv) 77-86. BS-825AP: PDF
Forlani, Luciano Spontaneous oxidation of bis(heteroaryl)methanes and bis(heteroaryl)carbinols to ketones. (xv) 75-91. 03-913LP: PDF
Fülöp, Ferenc A Tribute to Prof. Gabor Bernath. (v) 1-8. GB-473JT: PDF
Fülöp, Ferenc Synthesis and stereochemistry of azeto[2,1-a]isoquinolin-2-one derivatives. (v) 87-93. GB-658JP: PDF
Fülöp, Ferenc Mild and efficient ring opening of monoterpene-fused β-lactam enantiomers. Synthesis of novel β-amino acid derivatives. (xiv) 225-232. BS-836AP: PDF
Galindo, A. Synthesis of (R)-(-)-phenylpiperidin-1-yl-acetic acid and its utilization for the synthesis of (R)-(-)-bietamiverine and (R)-(-)-dipiproverine. (xi) 56-60. MX-883EP: PDF
Gallos, John K. Domino Knoevenagel hetero Diels-Alder reactions of sugar derived δ,ε-unsaturated aldehydes. (vi) 135-144. AV-668AP: PDF
Ganguly, A.K. Negative ion multiple-stage mass spectrometric analysis of complex oligosaccharides (everninomicins) in a quadruple ion trap: implications for charge-remote fragmentation. (iii) 31-44. SD-592CP: PDF
Geraghty, N.W.A. A versatile kinetic alkylation-ozonolysis route for the synthesis of lactones: chiral γ-lactones and racemic δ-lactones. (vii) 200-215. AM-715DP: PDF
Giannis, A. First synthesis and oxidative properties of polymer-supported IBX. (vi) 228-236. AV-725AP: PDF
Giri, V. S. Synthesis of antileishmanial (5R)-(-)-5-carbomethoxy-3-formyl-5,6-dihydroindolo-[2,3-a]-indolizine. (ix) 150-157. AC-958KP: PDF
Glennon, J.D. Synthesis of mono- and diboronic acid calix[4]arene receptors. (vii) 402-411. AM-739DP: PDF
Gnecco, D. Synthesis of an aspidosperma alkaloid precursor: synthesis of (+)-aspidospermidine. (xi) 185-192. MX-872EP: PDF
Gordillo, Barbara Enthalpy and entropy contributions to the equilibrium of the hydrogen bonding interaction between 1-octylthymine and 9-octyladenine. (xi) 72-88. MX-900EP: PDF
Gottlieb, Otto R. Quantitative chemo-biology: A chemical paradigm to understand biological phenomena. (x) 356-365. RR-864CP: PDF
Grayson, D. H. Addition of nucleophiles to (E)-3-phenylsulfonylprop-2-enenitrile: a route to β-substituted α,β-unsaturated nitriles and to acetals of cyanoacetaldehyde. (vii) 4-14. AM-595DP: PDF
Gunnlaugsson, T. Towards the development of controllable and reversible ‘on-off’ luminescence switching in soft-matter; synthesis and spectroscopic investigation of 1,8-naphthalimide-based PET (photoinduced electron transfer) chemosensors for pH in water-permeable hydrogels. (vii) 216-228. AM-718DP: PDF
Haider, Norbert Synthesis of 3-azaharman and other new azacarbolines of the pyridazino[4,5-b]indole type. (xiv) 198-209. BS-849AP: PDF
Hanquet, G. Recent developments in chiral non-racemic sulfinyl group chemistry in asymmetric synthesis. (vii) 328-401. AM-731DR: PDF
Hara, S. α-Fluorination of β-dicarbonyl compounds using p-iodotoluene difluoride under neutral conditions. (vi) 36-42. AV-649AP: PDF
Hassan, Alaa A. Pyrazole, pyrazolo[1,2-c]-1,3,4-thiadiazole and thiadiazepine derivatives from thiosemicarbazides. (i) 118-128. 03-708HP: PDF
Hazra, B. G. Bile acid-polyamine conjugates as synthetic ionophores. (ix) 115-125. AC-985KR: PDF
Heaney, M. F. Isoxazolo[2,3-d][1,4]benzoxazepine rings from 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of [1,4]benzoxazepine N-oxides with acetylenic and olefinic dipolarophiles. (vii) 161-179. AM-724DP: PDF
Hideg, Kalman Synthesis and study of new 4-quinazolinone inhibitors of the DNA repair enzyme poly(ADP-ribose) polymerase (PARP). (v) 121-131. GB-733JP: PDF
Hinkle, Robert J. Fragmentations of (E)- and (Z)- isomers of 2-methylbuten-1-yl(aryl)iodonium triflates: competing mechanisms for enol triflate formation. (vi) 201-212. AV-745AP: PDF
Hiroya, K. Functionalization of N-tosyl-2-pyridinone with silyl ketene acetal catalyzed by Lewis acid, and synthetic studies of corynantheidol. (viii) 232-246. KF-851HP: PDF
Hlavá?, Jan Synthesis of oxo analogs of Lamotrigine and some related compounds. (i) 22-28. 03-556FP: PDF
Hodgson, D.M. Enantioselective intramolecular 1,3-dipolar cycloadditions of diazocarbonyl-derived oxidopyryliums. (vii) 49-58. AM-713DP: PDF
Honda, Toshio Total synthesis of an indolizidine alkaloid, (+)-ipalbidine, by means of an intramolecular McMurry coupling reaction. (viii) 188-198. KF-750HP: PDF
Hoyos de Rossi, Rita Mechanism of phthalate ester hydrolysis in water and in cyclodextrin mediated reactions. (x) 127-138. RR-821CP: PDF
Huang, P. Q. An improved formal total synthesis of (-)-anisomycin. (ii) 7-14. ZH-531DP: PDF
Iglesias-Arteaga, Martin A. 1H and 13C NMR of synthetic steroid sapogenins. Part II. C-23 Substituted derivatives of (25S)-spirostanes. (xi) 163-171. MX-935EP: PDF
Ihara, Masataka A Tribute to Prof. Keiichiro Fukumoto. (viii) 1-7. KF-476HT: PDF
Ihara, Masataka An efficient total synthesis of the pyrroquinazolinoquinoline alkaloid, Luotonin A, employing an intramolecular hetero Diels–Alder reaction. (viii) 15-23. KF-662HP: PDF
Iida, Takai A comparative study of remote oxy-functionalization of unactivated carbons in 5β-steroids by dimethyldioxirane and 2,6-dichloropyridine N-oxide / ruthenium-porphyrin / HBr. (viii) 171-179. KF-793HP: PDF
Imamura, Paulo Mitsuo Synthesis of ambergris odorant ent-ambrox. (x) 314-322. RR-838CP: PDF
Inagaki, H Improved synthesis of DQ-113, a new quinolone antibacterial agent, utilizing the Reformatsky reaction. (viii) 112-117. KF-772HP: PDF
Ishikawa, Tsutomu Divergent synthesis of N-hydroxy-L-indospicine, the carbon isostere of N-hydroxy-L-arginine, and N-hydroxy-L-homoarginine from L-glutamate. (viii) 180-187. KF-769HP: PDF
Iwabuchi, Y. A diastereocontrolled synthesis of perseitol using a dioxabicyclo[3.2.1]octane chiral building block. (viii) 163-170. KF-784HP: PDF
James, P. Novel cycloadducts from the 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition reactions of triazolium-1-imide 1,3-dipoles. (vii) 110-120. AM-712DP: PDF
Jiang, H.-F. Chemical reactions in supercritical carbon dioxide. (ii) 191-198. ZH-685DR: PDF
Jones, Raymond C. F. A new chiral heterocyclic 1,1-enediamine as a precursor to piperidines. (ii) 133-140. ZH-737DP: PDF
Juaristi, Eusebio A few comments on the development of organic chemistry in Mexico. (xi) 1-3. MX-484ET: PDF
Juaristi, Eusebio An enantioselective approach to the Biginelli dihydropyrimidinone condensation reaction using CeCl3 and InCl3 in the presence of chiral ligands. (xi) 16-26. MX-813EP: PDF
Juaristi, Eusebio Preparation and diastereoselective methylation of enantiopure (S)-4-(1-phenylethyl)-1,4-oxazin-2-ones. (xi) 61-71. MX-902EP: PDF
Juaristi, Eusebio Corrigendum to “An enantioselective approach to the Biginelli dihidropyrimidinone condensation reaction using CeCl3 and InCl3 in the presence of chiral ligands” [Arkivoc, 2003, (xi) 16-26]. (xi) 227-227. MX-1854EP: PDF
Kane, R. R. Protein crosslinking by 1,8-naphthalimides: influence of the 4-substituent. (xii) 109-118. HS-908JP: PDF
Katoh, T. Enantioselective total synthesis of (+)-aureol via BF3•Et2O-promoted rearrangement/cylization reaction of (+)-arenarol. (viii) 45-57. KF-761HP: PDF
Katritzky, Alan R. The preparation of 5-substituted and 4,5-disubstituted 2,1-benzisoxazoles. (ii) 49-58. ZH-585DP: PDF
Katritzky, Alan R. Synthesis of 3,3-diarylpyrrolidines from diaryl ketones. (v) 9-18. GB-594JP: PDF
Katritzky, Alan R. Syntheses of 3-hydroxymethyl-2,3-dihydrobenzofurans and 3-hydroxymethylbenzofurans. (vi) 49-61. AV-622AP: PDF
Katritzky, Alan R. New reactions of 4,5-disubstituted 1,2,3-thiadiazoles in the presence of NaH. (vii) 121-138. AM-709DP: PDF
Katritzky, Alan R. Synthesis of mono and N,N-disubstituted ureas. (viii) 8-14. KF-627HP: PDF
Katritzky, Alan R. Synthesis of 2,3,4,5-tetrahydro-1H-pyrrolo[1,2-a][1,4]diazepines and 11-methyl-2,3,4,5-tetrahydro-1H-[1,4]diazepino[1,2-a]indoles. (ix) 4-13. AC-729KP: PDF
Katritzky, Alan R. Microwave assisted N-chlorination of secondary amides. (xii) 74-79. HS-873JP: PDF
Katritzky, Alan R. Microwave-assisted heterocyclic synthesis. (xiii) 68-86. BT-752HR: PDF
Katritzky, Alan R. The preparation of N-acylbenzotriazoles from aldehydes. (xiv) 131-139. BS-878AP: PDF
Katritzky, Alan R. 1,3-Dipolar cycloadditions of organic azides to ester or benzotriazolylcarbonyl activated acetylenic amides. (xv) 47-64. 03-912AP: PDF
Katritzky, Alan R. Preparation of N-substituted sulfoximines by benzotriazole methodology. (xv) 115-123. 03-980FP: PDF
Kaufman, Teodoro S. Synthesis of a tricyclic lactone embodying the ABC-ring system of stephaoxocanidine, by tin(IV) chloride-assisted sulfonamidoacetal cyclization and an aromatization promoted by triethylamine. (x) 178-188. RR-818CP: PDF
Kaye, Perry T. Designer ligands. Part 11. Electron-ionisation mass spectrometric studies of polydentate malonamide-derived ligands. (i) 93-104. 03-670KP: PDF
Kessar, Satinde V. (-)-Sparteine mediated α-deprotonation of quinuclidine N-oxide. (iii) 120-124. SD-640CP: PDF
Kim, K. Synthesis of 2-(arylthio)-3'-(alkyl- or dialkylamino)diphenyl sulfides via 5-arylthianthrenium perchlorates and their complexations with silver(I) and lead(II) ions. (xii) 138-163. HS-868JP: PDF
Kiprof, Paul Self-assembly of hypervalent iodine through primary and secondary bonding. (vi) 170-178. AV-678AP: PDF
Kirschning, Andreas Polymer-bound haloate(I) anions by iodine(III)-mediated oxidation of polymer-bound iodide: Synthetic utility in natural product transformations. (vi) 145-163. AV-660AP: PDF
Kita, Y. Facile and efficient oxidation of sulfides to sulfoxides in water using hypervalent iodine reagents. (vi) 62-70. AV-667AP: PDF
Kita, Y. Synthesis of p-phenylthio- peri-hydroxy polyaromatic compounds by strong-base-induced [4+2] cycloaddition of 4-(phenylthio)homophthalic anhydrides with phenylsulfinyl- dienophiles. (viii) 144-162. KF-776HP: PDF
Kotali, Antigoni o-Acylbenzaldehydes in organic synthesis: a brief review. (i) 56-68. 03-740RR: PDF
Kotali, Antigoni Reactions of N-acylhydrazones with thionyl chloride. (vi) 91-94. AV-673AP: PDF
Kotha, Sambasivarao R. Synthesis of spiro-cyclics via ring-closing metathesis. (iii) 67-76. SD-632CP: PDF
Krayushkin, Mikhail M. A novel method for the synthesis of methylthiophenes from ketones containing an active methylene group. (xiii) 147-156. BT-775HP: PDF
Lévai, Albert Chemoselective oxidation of 3-acetyl-2,3-dihydrobenzothiazoles by dimethyldioxirane. (v) 19-27. GB-642JP: PDF
Lévai, Albert Dioxirane oxidation of sulfur-containing organic compounds. (xiv) 14-30. BS-756AR: PDF
Leyva, E. Selective chemical oxidation or reduction of chlorophenols with potassium nitrosodisulfonate. (xi) 203-212. MX-905EP: PDF
Li, G. The cinnamate-based aminohalogenation provides an easy access to anti methyl 3-aryl-N-p-tosyl- and N-o-nosyl-aziridine-2-carboxylates. (xii) 56-63. HS-759JP: PDF
Liptak, Andras Synthesis of the methyl ethers of methyl 6-deoxy-3-C-methyl-α-L-talopyranoside and -α-L-mannopyranoside. Examination of the conformation and chromatographic properties of the compounds. (v) 28-45. GB-646JP: PDF
Liu, Y. Two different conformations of 25,27-bis(3-pyridylcarboxylate)- 26,28-dihydroxy-calix[4]arene in solid state. (ii) 92-97. ZH-601DP: PDF
Lopyrev, V.A. Polyacroleinoximes: synthesis and structure. (xiii) 224-230. BT-754HP: PDF
Maguire, Anita R. A Tribute to Prof. M. Anthony McKervey. (vii) 1-3. AM-469DT: PDF
Maguire, Anita R. Chemoenzymatic methods in the asymmetric synthesis of α-diazosulfoxides. (vii) 96-109. AM-695DP: PDF
Majumdar, K. C. Studies in sigmatropic rearrangement: synthesis of 3,11a-dimethyl-6a,11a-dihydro-1H,6H-pyrano[3',4':5,6]thiopyrano[4,3-b][1]benzofuran-1-one. (ix) 47-57. AC-970KP: PDF
Majumdar, A. Secondary metabolites of a soft coral (Nephthea sp.) of the Bay of Bengal. (ix) 133-139. AC-1051KP: PDF
Majumder, P. A Tribute to Prof. Asima Chatterjee. (ix) 1-3. AC-475KT: PDF
Majumder, P. Effect of stereochemistry of the B/C ring juncture on the acid-catalyzed reactions of 9α,11α-epoxyfernane and 9α,11α-epoxyisoarborinyl acetate with BF3.Et2O in benzene. (ix) 39-46. AC-992KP: PDF
Mancilla, Teresa Synthesis and characterization of new 2-(alkylamino)acetamides. (xi) 37-47. MX-816EP: PDF
Mancini, Pedro M. Binary solvent mixtures: characterization of molecular environments through multiparametric empirical scales. Concerns about relationships between kinetic data and microscopic solvent properties. (x) 373-381. RR-831CP: PDF
Mandal, S. B. A synthetic approach to chiral carbocyclic nucleosides of varied ring-sizes using carbon framework of D-glucose. (ix) 75-86. AC-994KP: PDF
Mander, L. N. Synthesis and structure determination of three new 12β-hydroxy C20 gibberellins (GA127, GA128 and GA129). (vii) 145-160. AM-705DP: PDF
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