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ARKIVOC Volume 2002
Part (ix): Commemorative Issue in Honor of Prof. James Bull on the occasion of his retirement from the University of Cape Town, South Africa
Facilitator: Ivan R. Green
Scientific Editor: Christian V. Stevens

Graphical Abstracts PDF (572K)
1. A Tribute to Prof. James Bull (JB-464JT)
Ivan R Green
Full Text: PDF (186K)
pp. 1 - 8
accepted May 23 2002; published May 31 2002;
2. Designer ligands. Part 9.1 Catalytic activity of biomimetic cobalt(II) and copper(II) complexes of multidentate ligands (JB-329FP)
Perry T. Kaye, Tebello Nyokong, Gareth M. Watkins and Kevin W. Wellington
Full Text: PDF (179K)
pp. 9 - 18

received Oct 24 2001; accepted Aug 4 2002; published Aug 12 2002;
3. Sulfone-mediated synthesis of substituted furans on solid support (JB-545JP)
Elena A. Arvanitis, Donald Craig and Andreas P. Timm
Full Text: PDF (65K)
pp. 19 - 27

received Aug 14 2002; accepted Aug 9 2002; published Aug 17 2002;
4. Ceric ammonium nitrate impregnated on silica gel in the removal of the tert-butoxycarbonyl group (JB-544JP)
Jih Ru Hwu, Moti L. Jain, Fu-Yuan Tsai, A. Balakumar, G. H. Hakimelahi and Shwu-Chen Tsay
Full Text: PDF (96K)
pp. 28 - 36

received Aug 14 2002; accepted Sep 23 2002; published Oct 1 2002;
5. Synthesis of (2S, 3R)-2-allyl-3-furyl cyclopentanone. An enantioselective strategy towards the synthesis of phorbol (JB-550JP)
Vanida Chairgulprasert, Michael G. B. Drew, Archie Jahans and Laurence M. Harwood
Full Text: PDF (75K)
pp. 37 - 45

received Sep 4 2002; accepted Oct 17 2002; published Oct 25 2002;
6. Further study on oxidation of pseudosapogenins (JB-551JP)
Izabella Jastrzebska, Krzysztof S. Katrynski and Jacek W. Morzycki
Full Text: PDF (211K)
pp. 46 - 54

received Sep 5 2002; accepted Oct 24 2002; published Nov 1 2002;
7. Unusual expressions of Michael reactivity of 1,3-bis(phenylsulfonyl)allene (JB-599JP)
James R. Bull, Nicholas S. Desmond-Smith, Steven J. Heggie, Roger Hunter and Sophie C. M. Rees-Jones
Full Text: PDF (74K)
pp. 55 - 61

received Nov 6 2002; accepted Dec 19 2002; published Dec 27 2002;
8. Influence of ring size on the reduction of vinylogous urethanes. Applications to the synthesis of lupinine and epilupinin (JB-604JP)
Joseph P. Michael, Charles B. de Koning, Claudia San Fat and Gillian L. Nattrass
Full Text: PDF (106K)
pp. 62 - 77

received Nov 11 2002; accepted Dec 19 2002; published Dec 27 2002;
9. An approach to the synthesis of phomactins using a Wittig rearrangement (JB-547JP)
Anna Marsden and Eric J. Thomas
Full Text: PDF (106K)
pp. 78 - 92

received Sep 2 2002; accepted Dec 29 2002; published Jan 6 2003;
10. Towards broadspectrum antiprotozoal agents (JB-611JR)
Kelly Chibale
Full Text: PDF (42K)
pp. 93 - 98

received Nov 24 2002; accepted Jan 9 2003; published Jan 17 2003;
11. Syntheses of asymmetric 2-benzopyrans. The influence of aromatic halogen substituents on the intramolecular cyclisation of enantiopure tethered phenolic lactaldehydes (JB-625JP)
Robin G. F. Giles, Ivan R. Green, Francois J. Oosthuizen and C. Peter Taylor
Full Text: PDF (129K)
pp. 99 - 116

received Dec 19 2002; accepted Feb 6 2003; published Feb 14 2003;

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